Saturday, February 28, 2009

man i'm slow this week

i should have both of these mats done by now and here i am just quilting the first one. accually i have been fighting a nasty migraine for the last 3 days and just done a little at a time. i don't get migraines very often anymore but every once in a while one rears its ugly head. i am better now, i sure hope i have seen the end of this one! hopefully, next week i will get more accomplished.

i guess first things first...since i have been down i have to unbury the house. its amaizing with only 2 of us here how much damage can be done to the order in the house in just three days!

quilt wise

i want to get the sisters choice quilt turned on the frame and finish quilting it

star blocks for swap finished

the bath mats quilted

work on the NYE mystery

larry has no schedualed appointments this week. for that we are both grateful. he has had a bad few days so maybe being home and resting will help.

not much to report on the stash report but here goes

fabric added this week 1 yd year to date 9 yds

fabric busted this week 00 year to date 34.55 net bust for year 33.55

aprox fabric on hand 3291.45

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sometimes quilting is an act of faith...

this picture is one of the 2 bathmats that i have in progress.
it is ready to sew and birth (simple process, sew around
all four sides leaving a small area unsewn so i can turn it
rightside out). i saw a bath mat on line a year or so ago, and
i am sorry i have no idea where, my old puter ate the site.
anyway i made changes to suit myself but it would be nice
if i could give credit for the idea where it belongs.

the backing has been cut from an old bath towel, there is no batting.

hopefully in a couple of days i can show you the finished mats!

yesterday was a great day, Franny and Margaret came
to visit from columbus. we went out to lunch and went to
Mrs millers dry goods store.

i did well, i bought 2 quarter yard and 1 half yard cut of
fabric that i accually needed. i also bought a king batting, need that if i am ever going to get my trail mix quilt done.

we came back to the house and spent some time with larry all 3 of us working on projects
as we chattered. all and all it was a great day! thankyou franny and margaret for the fun day and thankyou brandy
for staying with your dad so i could have a day out.

well, its time to birth 2 bath mats

Sunday, February 22, 2009

sunday ramblings and stash report

well, as usual i had bigger plans for yesterday than i had time and energy!! i do have
both bath mats pieced, today i hope to get the appliques fused and on the mats, i would
love to say that i will have the applque work done but, this is sunday and larry usually
has bunches of company. if he doesn't i should get some done. after all, i don't have
the templates finished yet, thought i would have that much done. at least i have the fabric
all pulled.

i will be sewing on other stuff up here til i get a chance to go downstairs and get all the prep
work done...still have half square triangles to sew for my scrappy X and O UFO, my NYE
mystery, DD etc etc etc.

i cannot believe how much stash the bulleye quilt busted! with 90 back ground squaresplus 9o 0f 8", 6", and 4" squares to cut circles just for the blocks alone by the time i added shashing backing and binding that baby took 21.75 yds!

stash report for this week:

stash added this week: 00 year to date: 8 yds
stash busted this week 21.75 year to date: 34.55 yds

fabric on hand: 3290.45 aprox


Saturday, February 21, 2009

UFO #2 for the year is DONE!!

golly,it feels good to acually get something done.

i have learned a lot doing this quilt...its my first QAYG (but not the last),

first folded triangle label and only the second time i have used erica wilsons completely machine applied binding.

hard to believe i have been playing with quilts since the 60's and just now tried some of these methods.

after i make a med run for larry, i hope to finish piecing a bathmat...its #2 of a set, then i will try to mach applique both of them at the same time. would like to be able to get them both done and in the mail by next week. then it will back to my ufo's for a bit.


Monday, February 16, 2009

well both of my testers told me to go ahead and trim the edges and bind the quilt!!
so i probably will on thursday...larry has tests tomarrow so we will be gone most of the day.
this quilt is sashed and will be bound with unbleached...larry's choice. at first i argued
with him but as i look at it now i think he is right. i learned a lot working on this quilt...
and will make more QAYG projects, what a great way to use up all those batting scraps!!
my big brother is finely back from the repair shop, i picked it up this afternoon so i will
hopefully get started on auntie grace in the morning!!! i have drew and laura's quilt all
ready to restart just have to wind some bobbins and i am about ready to quilt!!!
i finely have all i need to start my miranda bag, will be cutting it soon... once again i will
be doing something new golly, even we that are less young can learn!! i am so glad i have
this incredable stash i would hate to have to buy much material at todays prices!
my stash
larry is holding his own
my friends

Saturday, February 14, 2009

plugging away on the bulls eye quilt

i am now adding the 1st step of the 4th row...its slow going for me but it's working!!! There area total of 10 rows so they probably won't get done for a couple of days. Larry usually gets company on the week ends and that puts a crimp in my sewing time...but i am glad he gets the company. once the quilt is together just binding and label so i should have this done by the middle of next week.

my stash report has not changed i have still finished nothing, added nothing....Yikes!!! i sure need my brother 1500 so i can use auntie grace, oh well, i am getting a slow gain...there should be a number change next week. i will probably try to get the bath mats i am working on done if my quilting system is still down and ofcoarse the bulls eye should be done too.

gratitude: we had good weather and roads for larry's dr appt's


Monday, February 9, 2009

no change on stash report

i have finished nothing and i have bought nothing.

BUT i have been busy...i got all 90 bulls eye blocks quilted...i have started putting rows together
with sharon pedersons qayg method, not hard to do just time consuming. since its my first
time with the tecnique i expected slow. so far i am pleased, but, sure i had my machine
back from the shop i sure miss working on auntie grace. i know ...whine whine whine.

no pictures yet, but will post one when i have the quilt together. i want to get more done today...
so its time to get busy. probably will do no sewing tomarrow, larry has a dr appt and i want this quilt set by the end of the week


Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekly stash report-plus misc

i can't believe that jan is gone!

there were no changes in my totals this week
but since jan is gone i am listing the full report.
fabric added this week 0
fabric added in jan 8 yds
fabric added year to date 8 yds
fabric busted this week 0
fabric busted in jan 12.8
fabrick busted year to date 12.8
net busted this year 12.8 yds
estimated fabric on hand 3312.2 yds
acually thes totals are not quite as bad as they look... i do not count fabric as busted until
the project is totally done.
sure wish i would get a phone call from the repair shop telling me that my brother 1500's
part were in. i am lost without my auntie grace. but, i have been getting a lot of peicing done.
i have always wanted to try a QAYG quilt, so i dug thru my Ufo's and found some almost
done bullseye blocks...i finished the blocks, and now i am quilting them. i ended up with
92 blocks so will have a fairly large quilt blocks are unfinished at 8.25" so quilt should be
about 72+ X would have been nice to find a smaller project to learn on. i guess i
never do things the easy way
miz scrappy pants- ann