Friday, September 25, 2009

Confesions of a closet hand piecer

i hate Y seams, but only by machine by hand
they are a piece of cake! of coarse this means
I am hand sewing this block to be set edge to
edge just cause i love the block...just not by
machine. I know it will take me forever but so do many of the quilts that i do by machine.
Since I have big ambitions, I also have a
grandmothers flower garden that I am piecing
by hand both for the Y seams and all the short
seams. Even tho the process is slow I have discovered I love relaxing with my hand sewing.
Many of my DJ blocks are by hand also. Now
when I take quilting with me to retreats I also take my hand applique etc.
I probably take far more machine work with me...and get more of it done, but the hand work
has become a part of my life...I truely love it.
A friend took this picture for me while I was visiting her home the first of the week, thankyou

Monday, September 14, 2009

my goals this week

I may not have a camera at this time but I do
have a working scanner so i thought I would
show the progress i have made on my applique triangle... I am more than half way. I have 4
to make, this is #1. I am making a heart
and apron strings quilt from QNM. it is a series
quilt from 2004...pieced and applique. Some where in this house the appliqued dresden
plate center is hiding. I am confident that it
will surface at some point in time. If it hasn't
by the time i have finished all the triangles and
blocks for all the rounds I will remake the
center. I have a long time to look. finished size
is 84 x 94.
I do have some simple goals for the week, after all it is monday!
1. finish assembling the borders for my batik and black Jacobs Ladder
2. finish one block of simple scrappy treasures BOM
3. Quilt the DNP thats been on auntie grace since april
4. Clear and clean cutting table so I can use it
5. Sew 15 min a day
back to taking baby steps

Saturday, September 12, 2009

just checking in's been almost a month since i last posted. i have no pictures at this time,
my puppy all 80 lbs of her ate the usb cord to my camera and at this time i have no replacement.
i will probably end up buying a new camera...the only thing i have found as a replacement has been an universal usb that was within $5 of a replacement camera...hmmmmm doesnt make sence. my camera is old enough that it has no memoy card.

i had a neat trip las month, went as a guest with an old high school friend (we graduated in 1959) to cancun...saw so much. It makes me truly grateful that I LIVE HERE!

frankly, i havent been doing much in the quilting area, or much of anything else. I have been having a major bout of depression...the trip helped at least i am now beginning to take baby steps to get my life in small step at a time.