Wednesday, April 28, 2010

just an update

things here have been rather crazy, I have busy with dr appointments and tests. I am beginning to feel like a guinny pig. Last night was spent in a sleep lab, tomarrow I get to
learn about tilt tables. all this to figure out why I pass out for no apparent reason.
but, the weekend is beginning to look up! Maybe, just maybe i will have something new
on my design wall on Monday...or at least show some progress on whats already up! IF I am thru with the tilt table in time I will be going to the retreat tomarrow, if not early Fri
morning, I am really looking forward to going!

Monday, April 19, 2010

design wall monday... April 19, 2010

Oh well, as usual I am working on more than one thing at once...The scrappy bagello has been
hanging around for more than a couple of years. I started cutting strips long ago, and am now
slicing panels for each row and assembling them into a quilt. I am also making 3 sizes of
9 patches as ender leaders that will eventually
be 3 different projects. the pick and choose blocks...I only have 4 more to make and then I start the sashing. this has been a block a week
project that I am way behind on, Irene is about
ready to quilt hers. the crossing Ohio is also a block a week thingie I have block 5 to do this week. Ofcoarse, these are helping with scrap
as ever, A

Sunday, April 18, 2010

stash report April 18, 2010

well, this is another week with no change, so here are the numbers

fabric added this week 00.00 yds
fabric used this week 00.00 yds

fabric added this year 00.00 yds
fabric used this year 08.25 yds

Net fabric total used for the Year.....8.25 yds

Friday, April 16, 2010

Crossing Ohio week 4

Well, now that I have 4 blocks...I think I will set this quilt with a narrow sashing (1" finished)
I won't be sure until I am further ino the quilt...since I am only doing a block a week, I have
plenty of time to decide. I do like the way these 4 blocks look together.
I still have 4 blocks to do for my pick and choose quilt (also once a week) I am cutting
shashing for it as part of my scrap organization. there is always something to work on
when you are a quilter.
as ever,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

this is what I do with leftover soup...I still
have to wipe the calcium off the outside of
the jars and label and date this leftover
lentel soup...this is a Cuban reciept. I love
soup and to make soup I usually use a huge
kettle. This batch is what I had left from a carry-in. There are usually several choices in my
basement just waiting for me to heat up and
Irene was here yesterday, we spent about 3
hours playing in the sewing room. We both
finished up our 3rd crossing ohio
odds and ends. Irene has her pick and choose quilt set...and is thinking about borders...I
am still making blocks. I have a total of 5 to sew and still have to cut out 2 more...but I have
the fabric pulled. I am cutting for sashing now.
back to the cutting table...A

Monday, April 5, 2010

design wall monday April 5, 2010

I know...its my livingroom floor, but at least its monday!
this scrappy rail fence has been hanging around since the year 2000. i thought i had all the blocks made...but i have one to go,then i can finely set this quilt!
as ever, A

Sunday, April 4, 2010

stash report April 4, 2010

No change from last week...I had hoped to get my brother back soon so I could get some
machine quilting done...its still:

Fabric in this week 00.00
fabric in year to date 00.00

fabric used this week 00.00
fabric used year to date 08.25

total stash used this week 08.25

I did trade some fabric with Irene but it didn't change a thing.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

I must have a problem with sanity!

Yesterday Irene came over and we sewed til about 9
last night! I really cut almost as much as sewed. Irene
accually finished 3 flimsies... I just kept sewing and cutting.
I found when done I only have 5 more blocks to cut for my
pick and choose quilt(6 to sew) this morning I decided
Just maybe I had better start randomly cutting my 1 1/2"
strips into odd lengths for sashing. Yeah right, I had saved these strips over time and some were long enough to cut
for my courthouse step quilt that has had the grand total
3 blocks completed since 2003 so, you guessed it....I am cutting for both at the same time. the picture is of the strips I have to trim to size before I have to cut more for the sashing. The right side of the chairback are the ones I will get both quilts out of... and the drawer still has mountains
to pull out. I think I will work on the shorter pieces first.
I do want to get the Pick and choose done in a timely manner.
Its beautiful out side...I think I will close the door to the studio and go dig in the garden!
as ever,