Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hmmmmmmm, still 2 more blocks to make and still 2 quilts to add borders to. its been busy around here. Leah is here for a week!! it's good to have her home. she brought me a major
project...a of hers got married and leah had given her a stack of rectangles for siggies from the wedding. it should have been a simple rail fence, peice of cake for me to whip together.
however since Leah could not come home for the wedding some where the directions got lost.
many of the blocks have writing into the seam allowance. i finely decided to machine applique
the strips to a 6.5" square... and make a faux rail. i havent decided whether i will treat them as rails or piano keys...we will see as i get the blocks made. i am not going to get much done until
Leah goes home.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

only 2 more blocks to make!

when i picked this UFO from the stack
and it is a huge stack...i found that i had 10
completed blocks and all the blue rectangles
cut out. the UFO is old enough that the
rectangles were drawn and cut with sissors..
i now have all but 2 blocks made then it will be time to assemble the center. i think there is enough of the blue in the box to make a narrow border. if not, i will make a peiced border incorperating the blue.

i think the quilt was started in 2000 but not really sure! i do remember spending a full day cutting the blue out at a card table in the living room. weird thing to remember.

i am also working on borders for 2 other quilts...so the stack of need to quilt should grow in november.

yesterday was a good day. larry had a dr appointment in the afternoon and the dr was impressed with his improvement! prayers are answered!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it's still a ufo...but one more step is done

the top is set and borders are on. now to get the backing done so i can quilt this baby . at this
point this batik disappearing nine patch is going
to sit in the stack of tops that need backing. No telling when i will get to it. at least the top is done

i have another one that i am about done making the blocks. i am really trying to make a dent in
the UFO stack.

next month i am going to start keeping track of
the yardage that i use, AND the fabric purchases
that i make...in the case of scrap quilts the yardage will be estimated. i should start seeing a decrease in my stash over the next year.

i do know that i limit my fabric buying to the b words backing,batting, borders and binding and
and sometimes background. i shall see if i make any gains at all. i am not pre inventorying my stash, i think it would overwhelm me .


Monday, October 20, 2008

ufo done just in time

i finished this UFO on the 16th, the day before
larry's 65th bday!! this is a mystery quilt from an online group. larry had picked the fabric from my stash. Green is not my favorite color so it
was a true challange for me to finish.
it feels good to get something done, and to work
with uncomfortable colors yet get a quilt that i like.
life here goes on, we live one day at a time
and are accomplishing quite a bit. larry is doing well with his physical therapy...getting some strength back. now if only he would get some pounds back, he is still painfully thin.
time to get dinner on. mybe i will get some quilting done today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

well, its been another month...we still don't know the statis of larry's cancer, he still has the abcess in his lung and is on major anti biotics for this. they can do nothing with the cancer
or even see it with a catscan etc until the the abcess is cleared up. he had two stays at the hospital in sept...total of 15 days.

i have been working on hand work at hospital and dr visits...and while we are at home
i have been trying to play catch up on kids quilts, and ufo's. i should get a kids top for church done this week. will then make the backing. its a boys quilt, so i will probably peice the backing
unless i find a peice of homespun big enough to do the back.
big decisions.