Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hmmmmmmm, still 2 more blocks to make and still 2 quilts to add borders to. its been busy around here. Leah is here for a week!! it's good to have her home. she brought me a major
project...a of hers got married and leah had given her a stack of rectangles for siggies from the wedding. it should have been a simple rail fence, peice of cake for me to whip together.
however since Leah could not come home for the wedding some where the directions got lost.
many of the blocks have writing into the seam allowance. i finely decided to machine applique
the strips to a 6.5" square... and make a faux rail. i havent decided whether i will treat them as rails or piano keys...we will see as i get the blocks made. i am not going to get much done until
Leah goes home.


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