Sunday, June 21, 2009

stash report #24

no changes from last week...

accually i have been really busy quilting and sewing but didn't get anything done done
and i do not count the stash as busted until the project is complete.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Whats on my design wall...June 15,2009

No last weeks quilts are not done...but I took them down to work on borders put the Jacobs ladder blocks up and will start arranging them tomarrow. about 1/2 of these were from swaps.

The double 4 patch blocks are not mine.

my 14 year old grandson cully went thru my books and decided that he wanted to learn to quilt...he has picked his own pattern and fabric from my stash. guess i will see a lot of him as he works on this. cully decided he wants a twin sized quilt!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

stash report #23

no change from last week...

Stash busted this week 00 yds
year to date busted 62 yds

stash added this week 00 yds
year to date added 317 yds

net busted year to date -255 yds

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


have to make a design change...I guess thats why i use a design wall. The chinese coins
need revamped...the balance was off and it is wider than i am removing one row
and adding those peices to the other six rows. the good thing is i have decided on the sashing,
and i am liking this quilt! that really helps. i guess its a good thing that I am an expert at
reverse sewing. Hopfully this will not throw me too far behind...

i spent a couple hours clearing the veggie garden today...i have been doing a little every
day for the last couple of weeks. I have made enough progress that I can get a large section of it planted. perenial weeds have taken it over after 2 years of didn't even get mowed
down last year. its kinda awsome to see where I've cleared next to where I haven't.
some of the weeds are taller than me. I am about 3/4 done with the clearing. I only work
out there in the morning and evenings. I hide in the house in the middle of the day.
Of coarse this means my flower beds are neglected!

every one have a great day

Monday, June 8, 2009

what's on my design wall 6/8/09

Not much has changed...I accually got all 7 strips made for the chinese coin quilt made.
I am now adding the siggy squares with a decorative
stitch. the missing strips all need one or two more
siggys added. It is taking forever I ran into a bad
spool of thread and have to sew really slow...but
hopefully I will get the rest of the strips done this
week and the shashing on. then comes the border
The other half of the wall has no i did not
retake that in this picture...the chinese coin quilt
has a deadline, early July so this is my focus.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

stash report week #23

well I didn't buy any fabric, and used very little so I am still in the red
but I have no guilt...Most of the red was gifted fabric and I love it!
so here goes

Week #23

Fabric busted this week 4yds
Fabric busted year to date 62yds

Fabric added this week 00yds
Fabric added year to date 317yds

Net busted year to date -255yds maybe by the end of the year i will
be able to breaking even!!!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Colton's quilt is done!

The label is on, quilt is washed and (Great grandson) will get his quilt as soon as i get it packaged and mailed!
Here it is after 7 in the evening and that is about the only quilty thing i have done for the day! Maybe I will get more done after i decide to call it quits on this puter.
my grandson and I have been trying to get my garden in shape for planting...with weeds over my head that means lots of hand pulling before I can even dig. I have been digging in the evenings...I only get about one and a half
hour from Cully every day. rainy days we work in the
garage...I am putting my books and material in there, that way all my stuff for quilting will be on this floor.
guess I had better find something for supper...have a great day

Monday, June 1, 2009

what's on my design wall week #1

the bottom picture is where i started...the top picture is where I am now...the diamonds
hanging betweenthe 2 quilts is the start of my simple borderfor the X and O quilt.
2nd quilt is accually almost ready for me to add the siggy strips. I have one more
coin to add to one strip...the last strip is over half done.hopefully, i will have all the strips
on this one done and the siggys partially done. sinceyou guys are watching me maybe
I will be able to stay on track.