Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Colton's quilt is done!

The label is on, quilt is washed and (Great grandson) will get his quilt as soon as i get it packaged and mailed!
Here it is after 7 in the evening and that is about the only quilty thing i have done for the day! Maybe I will get more done after i decide to call it quits on this puter.
my grandson and I have been trying to get my garden in shape for planting...with weeds over my head that means lots of hand pulling before I can even dig. I have been digging in the evenings...I only get about one and a half
hour from Cully every day. rainy days we work in the
garage...I am putting my books and material in there, that way all my stuff for quilting will be on this floor.
guess I had better find something for supper...have a great day

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