Thursday, December 16, 2010

8 YEARS ago I started this quilt and..........

put it in a box and forgot's time now to do something with it.  I have changed how I am going to finish it.  The pattern called for a very heavy border...beautiful border but too heavy for the center of this I am making more blocks and will make a narrow border.  I thin I need about
30 more blocks.
   I am still working on the garden of memories in the evening when i am not playing taxi etc.  (life does get in the way sometimes.)  I have also been quilting on auntie grace for a good slowly
things are coming together here.
    Have a blessed season

Saturday, November 27, 2010

And now the feathers

The stems are all appliqued and the feathers are all basted and ready to go.  I think I am really going to like this quilt.  No telling how long this is going to take me...I figure the slowest step will be the 80
little berries that will go around the bottom stems!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...I  know I did!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time to do the center medalion

I would have left this for last...but figure I would never make it!  I started this this see the first set of bias stems...the circle is the accual center of the block. at this point I have all 4 bias sections pinned on.  the next step is to baste them down so they don't shift,then I can start appliqueing them down. (i also dont get stuck by about 100 pins as I do the hand work if I baste)  It's a good thing that there is no deadline on this pressure.
it will be quite a while before you will see it again... this first step has to be accurate or the whole quilt will be whopper jawed so I will be taking my time.
  Thankyou to all of my friends that are encouraging
as I work on this.  It is basically evening work as I watch T.V. or listen to a book on CD.  If I bog down on the medalion I still have 11 of the 12" blocks to work on.
   now to get started on my day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

its monday and I managed to reach 2 out of my 5 goals

from last week...and here it is, the Apple glory block from Robert Callaham's Album of Memories. This block is the first one of 12 that I have's accually not the first one in the pattern.
I will be doing it next...The center medalion.  Right
now I am laying out the first step  of the telling when I will get it done! 

Next weeks goals will be simple:

1. work on center medalion
2. work on grace frame quilting
3. sew about 15 min a day
4. Thank God for all my blessings

Have a great week!  Ann

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its thursday

Sometimes I wonder why I make often I never get them started let alone done.  On  Mondays
I try to set about 5 simple goals for the week...then I really mess up, ie life gets in the way.  this week has been no different...but instead of giving up and beating myself over the head with a fat quarter, I returned to
my list to work on my goals...they may not get done this week but, at some time they will get done...and I am making progress.  nothing I can show, but progress!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If I ever get all the leaves on the apple block
this is the center medalion in the album of memories
quilt that I have started.  there are even 3 out of 4 feathers prepped and ready to go...the and scads of bias stems(already made) are the first peices to go on the medalion.  once I get the leaves mad on the
apple block I am ready to get started on the center!

Opps time to go get brandy

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i am back

well, I may not have done much but at least I have gotten this block well started...I only have about half the leaves to tack down.  while doing this i have also
gotten the center background on this quilt ready to go. It's not a race and thats a good thing.  I am so glad that I have had this quilt to work on as I  delt with other issues.  I am truely enjoying the process!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

slow but sure

but, at least I got something done.  I hope to get to the next step tonight.  I have gotten all the background parts for the center medalion of this quilt ready to assemble and all the sashing done on the pick and choose quilt...I am working on piecing the HST for the borders.  I am not going to get much more done this week...I am going to be gone for about 10 days starting next Tues.  My push now is getting ready for the trip.

I am looking for some small hand work to take with me.  I am not taking this quilt...I loose things too easily.  Maybe I will take a vacation from quilting?

Monday, September 13, 2010

design wall monday sept 13, 2010

Once again a jumble....the missing left half of the wall holds the center of the Album of Memories that still needs more rail fences made so i can get it assembled. the half square triangle squares are part of the borders of the pick and choose quilt. I have many more to make and the outside sashing yet to put on. The upper right has the center square of the quilt in the picture to the left of it. the applique has been missing for 4 or 5 years.
I found it while sorting thru boxes, you know, the organization thing. I found the pattern insert, and the directions in another 2 boxes. I still have not found the directions to parts 4,5 and 6 of the hearts and apron strings quilt that is on the bottom left of this wall. I don't know if I will make any progress on any of these quilts this week, I am still canning.
my goals this week are simple:
1. Keep up with the canning
2. keep sorting and organizing the sewing room and stash area.
3. make 1 Crossing Ohio block
4. finish sashing the Pick and Choose quilt
5. thank God for all my blessings
Have a great week! ann

Sunday, September 12, 2010

stash report Sept 12, 2010...and a start

not much of a start...but it's my beginning of the applique work for Robert Callaham's Album of Memories...its an act of faith...this will be a quilt! Accually, it will be the Apple Glory Block. I do have these 4 stems basted on...hopefully, I will have time to work on it this week. There is still a lot of canning to do and sometimes I am just too tired to sew at night. But this is a start!
I was bad since my last stash report...I bought two half yard is a black that I am using in the center medalion in this quilt and the other a WOC for background piecing in this quilt so at least it wasn't buying for no reason so....... my stash report since my last one is:
Fabric purchased 1yd
Fabric used 0yds
Fabric purchased year to date 2yds
Fabric used year to date 37.75 yds
Net fabric used year to date 35.75
It sure is a good thing I am not in a race! I am enjoying the process even tho I am slow...
and no fabric is counted as used until the project is done...I change my mind too often to count it before then.
Time to fix some supper....Ann

Friday, September 10, 2010

19 done 23 to go...

I finely made my decison on how big and how to set my crossing Ohio quilt. It will be set with 1" sashings and with
corner stones to continue the crossing part. I finished cutting the red centers while Irene was here yesterday. There will be 42 blocks set 6x7...I aim for about one a week...but that doesn't always happen this week canning got in the way. I will be taking this off the wall this weekend now that I have the centers all cut. Yep, 42 different reds. I guess I am obsessive they are all numbered so I make the right number of blocks...I love those stickie things for that!
I probably won't get much quilting done this weekend...
still have tomatoes to can and grape jam to make. At least I know that I will be eating well this winter. I am going to try to get
the album of memories blocks all traced and the overlays made...or at least more of them ready. Still have backgrounds to make...lots of prep work on this quilt, but
well worth it! have a great week end, ann

Monday, September 6, 2010

design wall monday ... Sept 6, 2010

This is where I am on Robert Callaham's Album of memories...not very far. It's an awsome quilt!
The center medallion block is 39x39". I still have a bunch of 3.5 rail blocks to make before i can assemble it. There are 9 appliqued blocks, these are worked on pieced neutrals. I do have one
overlay ready to go. This quilt is going to take me forever to make but, it's an awsome quilt, well worth the effort. Good thing quilting is not a race! The nine patch and snow ball are not part of this quilt...neither is the lastsashing strip on the goes to my pick and choose quilt. Ah well, I only have 6 more pieced back grounds to get together after the center medallion...and 7 pieced blocks to make. Ann

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sept already...

accually its the 4th and I usually have decided what I am going to focus on for the month by now.. but I have been all un focused for quite a while so now I am going to lock in and get going once again.

The chaos in my sewing room and my stash is really getting to me, so this month I am going
to get enough order in these areas that I can stand to work both in the sewing room and the section of the garage that houses the stash...I am tired of heaps...both areas have major heaps...
the heaps in the sewing room keeps me from sewing and cutting efficiently...the heaps in the garage? I can't find anything! It gets worse as I try to find stuff. so... rather than have heaps of ironing...just hanging around all over the couch and in boxes every where I think i will try
rewetting a stack of fabric at a time and fold them NEATLY as they come out of the dryer, sort
as I do for color and or type. Iron as I have time or need the fabric...I haven't decided at this point whether I will put them in boxes and totes or on the shelves til ironed at this point but the heaps
are going to be under control. Surely I have time for a dryer load a day!

the sewing room? keep the cutting area clear...when cutting put material away as I use it, by project if I am not done...keep it all together! when working with scraps, if possible, work box to box or better yet cut scraps clear gone when possible. Put usable strips away in their proper drawers when thru with days cutting...same with squares and rectangles...the boxes are marked by size put them ( the squares and rectangles) away!

Straighten the yardage shelves...

OK, this is a start... hopefully I will see a big difference by the end of the month...


Monday, August 30, 2010

design wall monday Aug 30, 2010

Well, once again the design wall is morphing...a slow but sure process. I am starting to make the
background for applique blocks...The largest one
is on point with 3 " rails surrounding. i am still cutting and sewing the rails...but , putting them on the wall as I go. the pick and choose is coming down as I sash it...2 rows to go. the hearts and apron strings? still not sure where I am going with it...
mean while I have tomatoes and beans to can... today. I think I will make salsa and can it. life is always busy this time of year!
p.s. I think the heartsand apron strings quilt started in march or april of 2004... if you have a copy could you please tell .e what size the dresden plate block should be trimmed to? a.

Monday, August 23, 2010

design wall monday Aug 23, 2010

I still have several more strips to sew for my sashing for the pick and choose quilt...and the border half square triangles are being cut for the final border...the end is just barely in sight.
the right side of the wall? steps one 2 and 3
of a serries quilt from QNM from several years
ago. I have lost all directions but 2 and 3...this will end up being my quilt ... I am not even sure how big the center medalian is supposed to be! I will trim the center to fit the on point 9 patches, the triangles with the heart,birds and flowers
will be trimmed to go around the outside of the
9 patches...the rest of the quilt I have absolutely have no idea if I will follow the picture I have
or will just do my own thing...step 3 is an odd size border of churn dashes...I have the cutting directions for them. Maybe the missing patterns will surface by then...if not It will be quite different from the pattern.
time to get off of lots to do today including some peach jam
had a great trip to southern Mo then to South Dakota back to Mo and then home ... on the road for 2 weeks met some new people and saw a lot of great places.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

auditioning fabrics for last triangle!

some times I am a slow learner... I always lay my fabric choices out on the ironing board when I am making selections for applique. this is so I can get the freezer paper templates ironed on in the correct position. Up until today,
I have had the finished blocks laying out somewhere else.
Duh! why not tape them on the wall behind the board...
sure saves a lot of running back and forth!
I do want to get the applique done on this quilt before
I start the applique on Robert Callaham's " Album of Memories" and I am working on the backgrounds for it now.
Now, I guess I had better get to work pressing the templates down so I can get back to cutting pick and choose

Monday, August 2, 2010

design wall monday Aug 2, 2010

nope I do not have all the sashing cut and sewn
but I am gaining. I have the NYEve quilt blocks
all made now and in the pile of quilts that need
set, waiting their turn. these pick and choose
blocks are what i am focusing on at this time...I am really happy with it so far. I am cutting half square triangles for the borders as I go thru the scraps for the sashing.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

did this ever happen to you?

i thought I was done making center i laid the quilt out I found I was short 1 connecting
strip ... the one with the green and gold HST on the ends! I went thru the box I have the quilt in...I guess I didn't even cut it! If it got mixed
in with another quilt it will end up being a compensating strip in an odds and ends quilt.
I will recut this strip...maybe, even tonight. I
have a hard time making a quilt out of just 3 or 4
fabrics. i am definately a scrappy quilter...this quilt has spent a year and a half being a leader ender quilt, i am so glad to see the center almost done. Of coarse now I have to think of borders.

Monday, July 26, 2010

design wall monday July 26,2010

I know you are thinking that i am are
right. I am still assembleing the focus(red)
block for the NYE 09 Mystery. since I am using it as a leader ender its taking more time than I expected. Remember the pick and choose quilt?
I am finely making (that includes cutting) a scrappy sashing. I am also as I get enough made
assembleing the quilt...then I have to cut borders
this will take time too...1/2 square triangles, unless I change my mind.

lately I have been spending more time cutting
and quilting than I have been sewing.I don't know haw long that will last...but at least I am
dealing with my boxes of scraps...trying to get tem into some kind of system...I have used most of my 1.5 strips and my 2" strips in my pick and choose quilt so I have to cut more 1.5 I don't
have enough...probably would have if i hadn't cut for a courthouse step quilt at the same time.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

stash report July 25, 2010

Yikes, nothing to report... I have bought nothing this week and finished nothing this
week...oh well at least I have been sewing and working on scrap maintenence.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Just stuff

There are now 14 of these blocks...lots and lots to go. But , thats ok, I am in no hurry with this quilt, just trying to make about a block a week.
quilting is for my pleasure.
yesterday 5 of us got together and decided
to make the same quilt it should be interesting.
We have done things like this before. sometimes
it is amazing how diferent the same pattern looks as we each do it in our own fabric, colorways, and
themes. I have to decide whether to go totally
scrappy, or if I am going to control the chaos.

Monday, July 19, 2010

stash report 7/18/10 and design wall 7/19/10

stash report for 7/18 ... well I was bad a couple
of weeks ago...I bought 1/2 yard and 2 fat quarters of reds when shoping with friends.
So here goes on the stash report!
fabric purchased since last report 1 yd
fabric purchased year to date 1 yd
fabric used since last report 1.75 yds
fabric used year to date 37.75 yds
net fabric used year to date 36.25 yds
I am glad to report I didn't go backwards!
my design wall has 3 of the quilts that I am focusing on now...I am sashing and setting the pick
and choose quilt...the green red and gold quilt is a New years eve mystery from 2008...yhe scrappy bargello is from several years ago when bonnie hunter did the bargello bowl years ago...I am still plugging away with my crossing ohio quilt...I have 12 blocks done. So even tho
i have not posted I am getting albeit slowly, things done.
take some time to sew today!

Monday, June 28, 2010

design wall monday 6/28/10

I know its my cutting table but, at least the wall is behind
I have had this purse cut out for over a year and finely decided to put it together. I have the straps cut out and
now have to buy 4 buttons. I also have to cover a peice of
cardboard for the soon this will be done.
i thought I would be done yesterday but, the electricity went out about the time i went to sew.
Now I have to get back to work around here

Sunday, June 20, 2010

stash report June 20, 2010

I know I have not turned in a report since April but I have been sewing and quilting

so the stash has gone down some what. So....

fabric purchased since last report 00.00 yds

fabric purchased year to date 00.00 yds

fabric used since last report 21.50 yds

fabric used year to date 35.50 yds

Net total of fabric used this year 35.50 yds

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I know I have not blogged for a couple of weeks...things here have been crazy. Holly is, after three weeks of coma, in rehab now. She
has so much to relearn but is progressing.
Leah and friend are still here visiting and I am now getting ready for my mission trip to Cuba.
the quilt that is pictured is a quilt that I made my mother in 1990. It is machine pieced and hand
quilted. It has faded over the years but, still
looks good. It is Leah's quilt now. Ann

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


for over a week my life has been on granddaughter Holly was in a terrible accident
and lfe here has been about her. Yesterday we got the first hopeful news about her...she is still
in PCIU in cleveland with a terrible head injury and in crital condition but the Drs are talking
about the future! Until yesterday only the family had faith, Its going to be a long hard haul for
Holly but they are thinking she will be OK...We are celebrating!

Please, if you pray, Pray for Holly!

Monday, May 10, 2010

design wall monday may 5,2010

there is no real change...just changed the design
wall...i now have 2...the large one is tied up with
the scrappy bargello. this smaller wall is for
the things i work on at the same time.
i love the way the crossing ohio blocks are turning
out...the the other blocks are leader enders.
as ever,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

stash report...5/9/10

I finely have a couple of small finishes to report! In the last 2 weeks I finished a small set of napkins and a baby quilt...not much but its a start! so here goes:

fabric purchased this (2)weeks 00.00 yds
fabric purchased year to date 00.00 yds

fabric used this (2) weeks 05.50 yds
fabric used year to date 13.75 yds

Net fabric used this year 13.75 yds

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Napkin's are fun!

I made these little napkins while at a retreat...aren't they neat! The pattern was accually for Christmas napkins, but, I needed napkins for now. i just might make some for Christmas to...but first I have to get more
for now. I have been going green and most of my
napkins are down to 2 or 3 per set(and lots of singles) I will slowly build them back up.
Here it is Tuesday already and I still have no goals yet this week...hmmmmmmmm. Guess
I had better list them as I sit here. Since I have
been fighting a sinus infection they are simple
this week. So here they are for the week:
1. finish quilting and bind a baby quilt on DSM.
2. finish quilting a july 4th quilt for a friend
3. make a crossing Ohio block
4. count my blessings each day
as ever,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

just an update

things here have been rather crazy, I have busy with dr appointments and tests. I am beginning to feel like a guinny pig. Last night was spent in a sleep lab, tomarrow I get to
learn about tilt tables. all this to figure out why I pass out for no apparent reason.
but, the weekend is beginning to look up! Maybe, just maybe i will have something new
on my design wall on Monday...or at least show some progress on whats already up! IF I am thru with the tilt table in time I will be going to the retreat tomarrow, if not early Fri
morning, I am really looking forward to going!

Monday, April 19, 2010

design wall monday... April 19, 2010

Oh well, as usual I am working on more than one thing at once...The scrappy bagello has been
hanging around for more than a couple of years. I started cutting strips long ago, and am now
slicing panels for each row and assembling them into a quilt. I am also making 3 sizes of
9 patches as ender leaders that will eventually
be 3 different projects. the pick and choose blocks...I only have 4 more to make and then I start the sashing. this has been a block a week
project that I am way behind on, Irene is about
ready to quilt hers. the crossing Ohio is also a block a week thingie I have block 5 to do this week. Ofcoarse, these are helping with scrap
as ever, A

Sunday, April 18, 2010

stash report April 18, 2010

well, this is another week with no change, so here are the numbers

fabric added this week 00.00 yds
fabric used this week 00.00 yds

fabric added this year 00.00 yds
fabric used this year 08.25 yds

Net fabric total used for the Year.....8.25 yds

Friday, April 16, 2010

Crossing Ohio week 4

Well, now that I have 4 blocks...I think I will set this quilt with a narrow sashing (1" finished)
I won't be sure until I am further ino the quilt...since I am only doing a block a week, I have
plenty of time to decide. I do like the way these 4 blocks look together.
I still have 4 blocks to do for my pick and choose quilt (also once a week) I am cutting
shashing for it as part of my scrap organization. there is always something to work on
when you are a quilter.
as ever,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

this is what I do with leftover soup...I still
have to wipe the calcium off the outside of
the jars and label and date this leftover
lentel soup...this is a Cuban reciept. I love
soup and to make soup I usually use a huge
kettle. This batch is what I had left from a carry-in. There are usually several choices in my
basement just waiting for me to heat up and
Irene was here yesterday, we spent about 3
hours playing in the sewing room. We both
finished up our 3rd crossing ohio
odds and ends. Irene has her pick and choose quilt set...and is thinking about borders...I
am still making blocks. I have a total of 5 to sew and still have to cut out 2 more...but I have
the fabric pulled. I am cutting for sashing now.
back to the cutting table...A

Monday, April 5, 2010

design wall monday April 5, 2010

I know...its my livingroom floor, but at least its monday!
this scrappy rail fence has been hanging around since the year 2000. i thought i had all the blocks made...but i have one to go,then i can finely set this quilt!
as ever, A

Sunday, April 4, 2010

stash report April 4, 2010

No change from last week...I had hoped to get my brother back soon so I could get some
machine quilting done...its still:

Fabric in this week 00.00
fabric in year to date 00.00

fabric used this week 00.00
fabric used year to date 08.25

total stash used this week 08.25

I did trade some fabric with Irene but it didn't change a thing.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

I must have a problem with sanity!

Yesterday Irene came over and we sewed til about 9
last night! I really cut almost as much as sewed. Irene
accually finished 3 flimsies... I just kept sewing and cutting.
I found when done I only have 5 more blocks to cut for my
pick and choose quilt(6 to sew) this morning I decided
Just maybe I had better start randomly cutting my 1 1/2"
strips into odd lengths for sashing. Yeah right, I had saved these strips over time and some were long enough to cut
for my courthouse step quilt that has had the grand total
3 blocks completed since 2003 so, you guessed it....I am cutting for both at the same time. the picture is of the strips I have to trim to size before I have to cut more for the sashing. The right side of the chairback are the ones I will get both quilts out of... and the drawer still has mountains
to pull out. I think I will work on the shorter pieces first.
I do want to get the Pick and choose done in a timely manner.
Its beautiful out side...I think I will close the door to the studio and go dig in the garden!
as ever,

Monday, March 29, 2010

design wall monday march 29, 2010

Well it's a party sewn block with the design wall in the background...much more than I have been posting lately.
the partially sewn block is crossing Ohio...and the wall
has the pick and choose showing...I still have quite a lot left to do on it...and miles of sashing to add. Crossing Ohio is my new block a week project, as is the Pick and Choose. I am
doing them both with Irene...but I am way behind on the
Pick and Choose...hopefully I will keep up on the new one.
The only thing that will be consistant on this will be the
blue solid...the red center will be different reds. I have no idea how large th finished quilt will be...the blue will decide that.
as ever...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

stash report april 28

I know, life has been crazy...I havent reported in ages. I accually have something to report, I finished atop and gave it to a friend who is going to use it as a learning top. so I finished it as far
as I could go

fabric in since last report 00.00 yds
fabric used " " " 08.25 yds
year yo date 08.25 yds

now back to scrap management!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

this bridge is as long as it looks in the picture...

how ever it is the quickest way to get to a park that has almost wild birds in it...they know that
bird seed will be given if they sit on a persons shoulder. they are protected here and have
no fear of humans. and yes this is me.
well, time has flown and i have little to show for it...these pictures are almost 2 months old!
I did finish the goose creek top and gave it to margaret before I got aa will just have to believe me!
I am bogging down on my many many UFO's...and have given myself permission to start
something new...I have cut pieces for a new quilt...crossing ohio, well I have the first block
cut. I am still working on the pick and choose quilt so this will be a leader ender for a while.
I also have a baby quilt to finish i am busy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

no picture today

but at least i am back...I know it's been 2 months, I haven't done much for the last
couple of months...just trying to get my life on track. its slowly but surely coming
together. Right in the middle of the chaos Miss Leah took me on a cruise to the
Western Carribian...wonderful trip! My friend Sally joined us, it was a great time
for us all! So much to see and so much to do!
Your friend, Ann

Monday, January 18, 2010

Design wall Monday...Jan 18, 10

I know this is not a wall...its my dining room
table...since i forgot to flip the picture it kinda sorta looks like a wall!
to be honest, my wall looks just about the same
as it did last week...when i fell my neck was jarred and is far too tender to sew, so i haven't
been sewing. However I have an internal need
to play in far these are the 2" squares
that i have found around here...the box with tapered sides has patches in sets of 5...these
will probably end up being a stack of 9 patches
the white front flat box is the 2" squares that I have found in various scrap boxes, they are not
sorted in any way. The shoe box in the back has been sorted into stacks of light dark medium.
hopefully by the time i have enough 16 patches for my quilt made i will have sorted the flat box
into the other 2...and they should all fit into the wedge box for 9 patches...the misc patches with the light med dark stacks sorted. I am in no hurry, this is a leader ender project. At this point
I think the pinwheel patches will be blue and white to off white. I have more blue than anything in my stash so I hope to keep blue as a focus for a while. The main thing tho is to get the 2" squares under control...I finely have the 2" strips in dark light order with nothing shorter than 12" in the drawer! Scrap maintence is an ongoing program!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

stash report 1/17/'s gonna be something old!

I still have nothing to report...0 yardage used or purchased
talk about poor progress. I was hoping to have the lavendar to
purple baby quilt finished by now...BUT i fell several days ago
and have been too sore to machine quilt. I haven't been sewing either.
I guess I am a whimp. I am fine nothing broken...just very sore with
injured pride. Yes, I went to ER...I have been prodded and poked
and scanned and I do have tests schedualed Feb 16 to see if there
are underlying causes. nuff said on subject for now...i will know more
after my trip for when tests are schedualed.

as to my old or new quandry...I have decided to work on an old...
my shoe box of 2" squares will be first sewn into 4 patches, then
turn into 16 patches for a pinwheel and 16 patch quilt. I found
the barely started patches in my UFO stash and the shoe box is getting
hard to close...its a bonnie hunter pattern from forever ago!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Design wall Monday...Jan 10, 10

I know its tuesday...but I did take my picture yesterday and this is what was on there then!
as uaual I have more than one quilt showing...ther are even pieces and parts of 2 others that
are up but did not fit in the picture. my pick and choose is back on the wall...i have 11 more blocks to cut, then it will go down until i am ready for the final assembly...maybe.
the rail fence is a 1999 start so it is my ufo focus. the 5 piece rails make a 7.5 finished block.
easy mindless sewing. obviously I do not work on one quilt at a time. always at least 3 or
4 at the piecing stage.
every one have a wonderful quilty week!

Monday, January 11, 2010

stash report...1/10/10

i decided unless I am out of town i am going to report each week so once again i have
no changes...0 yds purchased or used year to date

i know its weird for me...i truely feel for me its not busted intil the project is done
until its done i can change my mind.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Design wall Monday...Jan 4, 10

Here it is the first monday of the year! Ofcoarse my design wall has a carry over on it

from last year! I made the last of the blocks for this goose creek quilt as ender leaders as I worked on the lavender to purple quilt. I was short one block in the bottom row when i took the picture...its now done and I will be assembling the top soon.
every day is bringing some progress some shows, some doesn't...I want to keep making progress in my life through out the year.

stash report for 1/03/10

Last year I tried this and found I was frustrated and obsessed because I was adding in gifted
fabric. I gave up. This year I am only keeping track of my fabric purchases and finished
use. It won't be as accurate and I know this...but I think if I keep track of my useage and
my purchases I will be able to see where my stash usage is gaining on my purchases.
maybe next year (or the one after that) I will be able to deal with the entire stash...but
this year I am starting at 0. that said:

fabric used this week 00 yds
fabric purchased this week 00 yds
net fabric used YTdate 00 yds


Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm getting there

The lavender to purple quilt is ready for borders...they
will be small and simple. I am acually on schedual with
this quilt! Unless leahs friend has her baby early I will
have the quilt done on time! at first I was not sure I liked
the quilt...i have trouble working in just 2 colors but with a full range of lavenders to purple i think it looks good.
of coarse I used really scrappy enders and leaders as i worked and that helped. I will probably put a narrow white border on first then a slightly wider lavendar one on next.
the quilt is large enough now...i just want the borders to stop the action...otherwise i would stop now and quilt it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

goals for 2010

no picture just a statment of intent. I do not make new years resolutions because if i breake them i feel that i have failed...i do set goals so if i mess up I can get back on track! that said here are my goals for this year:

1. complete 12 quilts...they may be UFOs, WIPs or WHIMMs

2. Shop my stash first

3. Continue to Iron and organize my stash first.

4. get my eating back on track...5-7 serving, at least, of veggies or fruit per day

5. quit hibernating...Enjoy my friends!

simple but sometimes oh so hard