Sunday, September 12, 2010

stash report Sept 12, 2010...and a start

not much of a start...but it's my beginning of the applique work for Robert Callaham's Album of Memories...its an act of faith...this will be a quilt! Accually, it will be the Apple Glory Block. I do have these 4 stems basted on...hopefully, I will have time to work on it this week. There is still a lot of canning to do and sometimes I am just too tired to sew at night. But this is a start!
I was bad since my last stash report...I bought two half yard is a black that I am using in the center medalion in this quilt and the other a WOC for background piecing in this quilt so at least it wasn't buying for no reason so....... my stash report since my last one is:
Fabric purchased 1yd
Fabric used 0yds
Fabric purchased year to date 2yds
Fabric used year to date 37.75 yds
Net fabric used year to date 35.75
It sure is a good thing I am not in a race! I am enjoying the process even tho I am slow...
and no fabric is counted as used until the project is done...I change my mind too often to count it before then.
Time to fix some supper....Ann

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