Wednesday, November 18, 2009

late design wall monday, its wednesday!

acually there is less showing on my design wall than the last time i posted because the small sampler has much of it at the machine being worked on...i am hoping by next monday it will be a center. The pick and choose quilt is still up...I am
working on block 9...its due tomarrow. Once I get it all cut out I will probably take it down until I have it a lot closer to if you are following my design wall are probably getting tired of looking at it, I know I am. I am trying to
not repeat the darks and mediums from block to block.
the easiest way to do this is to have it where i can see it as i cut.(my design wall is directly behind my cutting table)
one of the main problems with depression is I spend so much time playing catch up after days of stareing into space so i don't always get done what i planned. but , i have been having more good days than bad lately. so the catch up didn't take so long this time.
I am going to have to cut this short...gotta finish quilting margaret's quilt so I can get 2 baby
quilts done... yeah still playing catch up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sundays goal finely reached...on tuesday

well, the center is done on this bargello to figure out the borders...wonder how long that will take me...I have kinda of an Idea will it work? only time will tell.
This center should have been done on Sunday, but I had
a couple of days of stareing into space. I have often wondered why when people are in a funk...why don't they
just work their way out by the boot straps. Now I know.
Sometimes it just doesn't work.
I am not inlove with the colors in this quilt...but I don't
have to be...just hope my grandson and wife like them.
its hard to work with colors that are not quite in your range.
but i think it will be a nice quilt ... just not mine! who knows
by the time its done i may love it.
every one have a great day

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's off the frame!

yep, the dissapearing 9 patch that has been on auntie grace since April is finely done. It is a good thing because I have 3 quilts to get done by
Dec 6. they are all relitively small so they won't take long to put on the frame and will not need turned at the half way point. I will statr putting the first one on later today! I really feel like I am
getting somewhere with my goals.
This weeks goals are simple
1. get margaret's quilt on frame and start quilting it
2. finish piecing the center of the heart bargello
3. make block #9 of the pick and choose quilt

Friday, November 6, 2009

heart bargello now has a good start

in fact this is most of the first 2 sectons that are ready to sew together. There is a third section
sewn but not yet pressed. Now I have to do the the last section...this one will take much more time because the strips need pieced from the leftovers from section 2...well, at least part of them do. I had pulled this quilt out of the stack of UFOs to work on as my focus for November. so far I have really been pleased at how fast every thing has gone together.
yesterday Irene was here sewing...and we were
both suprised that this went together as fast as it did!
my couch is currently my design wall, the design wall itself is full of my ongoing ender leader
projects. they are gaining too because there are so many seams in this heart quilt. BTW I finely got the batik and kona black Jacobs ladder completely assembled, yes the border is finely on.
will post a picture when I finely remember to take it.
I got the batik dissapearing 9 patch quilt to where i had to turn it on auntie grace...its ready
to do the other half...I have really been busy and accually sewing!
every one have a great day!