Monday, November 9, 2009

It's off the frame!

yep, the dissapearing 9 patch that has been on auntie grace since April is finely done. It is a good thing because I have 3 quilts to get done by
Dec 6. they are all relitively small so they won't take long to put on the frame and will not need turned at the half way point. I will statr putting the first one on later today! I really feel like I am
getting somewhere with my goals.
This weeks goals are simple
1. get margaret's quilt on frame and start quilting it
2. finish piecing the center of the heart bargello
3. make block #9 of the pick and choose quilt


ANudge said...

Oh, Ann it is beautiful! Well worth the wait.

Mags said...

And in person is it SO much prettier. The colors just pop. Batiks have not always been my fav but I really am starting to like them.

Melanie said...

wow, Ann, that disappearing 9 patch is gorgeous! It is ALMOST motivating me to get with it and sew! Thanks for the inspiration. Mel