Tuesday, December 16, 2008

it's already the 16th!

i dont know where the time goes...its been a while since i have posted.
life here has gotten away from me. i am seriously working on dd leahs friends wedding
siggy quilt...the peices are beginning to fill up te design wall. its a chinese coin. i hope jessica likes it when i am done. once i get all the peices cut and arranged the piecing should go fast.
this quilt is definately scrappy and out of my my stash. it does take time going thru all the scraps, but is working out. i am beginning to really like it!

i have the picture on its side and haven't quite
figured how to turn it at this point so please bear
with me...the grace ends should be on the bottom....

i have auntie grace just about ready to turn the quilt that is on it...its too big to not turn cause
i have a 9" harp on my brother...not quite a long arm should get that quilt turned tomarrow morning...

i also got the sisters choice top done, now to make the backing. there is always something
ready to do when you are a quilter!


Monday, December 8, 2008

seths quilt is finely done done!

done label and all! i really bogged down when it came to the label...just couldn't seem to get to it.

hope it doesn't take me that long to get it packaged and mailed. now i will concentrate on

getting the borders made and on my sisters choice quilt.

i have a X&O quilt on auntie grace, i had major problems with it this morning...what took me

about 15 min to put in took almost an hour to take out...i have recleaned the machine, changed

needles, adjusted tensions and walked away. if its not straightened out (i will try again later)

the machine goes for repair tomarrow. sure hope i got it right, i don't want to be machineless

for a week or more.

its a good thing that we decided nothing quilted was going to be made for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

some day

slowly but surely, dj is getting done. i hope to
get another block or 2 done within the next week or so...

i am ready to bind seths baby quilt, well about.
i still have to make the binding. i think its going to be cute. will post a picture when it is done.

i feel like i am gaining on my quilting. i am
putting a large 90 x 104 X and O quilt on
auntie grace, have the blue pinwheel ready and backing made. the ironing still doesn't look like
i have done any, it was a huge mountain but,
i know i have made progress.

life here goes on.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

still ironing

i am not only still ironing...i am still working on the stuff that is in heaps...it would be nice
to get this chore down to the totes and boxes that i can stack neatly. i would like to get
the basement studio area to where it is pleasent to work in.

i did get i think all my stash weighed...i ended up with aproximentally 950 lbs...figuring that
most fabric that i use weighs 3 to 4 lbs per yard, i went with 3.5 yds per pound. that means
i have aprox 3325 yds to work my way thru. a huge percentage if the stash is scraps so
many have been given to me...acually i really am grateful, it just takes me time to get them
all trimmed and stripped to usuable sizes. i am cutting them a little just about every day to
keep up with my peicing. once i get the ironing caught up, scrap management gets to be
serious stuff.

I finished quilting vickies quilt this morning...soon as i get her address its in the mail.
no picture she gets to see it first.

tme to get started for the day


Saturday, November 22, 2008

just rambleing

i am gaining on vickies X and O quilt, i got it turned this morning before larry got up
so its ready to finish quilting. i almost didnt turn it on auntie gracie but its big enough
that if i dont, even meandering, my sewing is not consistant. i just wish i had more
basement time.

every time i run downstairs for something, i now take the time to weigh one or two
containers of fabric...i should have the weight total by th first of the week. i am going to figure the yardage
at 3.5 yards per pound...i am not unloading the boxes and bins so i figure that should
cover my weight of containers...any way this is approxi ment weight.

however, i do have a baby quilt that only needs 2 more border strips and the top will
be done. ofcoarse, i still have to make the backing. i should have a good start on my
UFO's by the first of the year and i am making good progress on my WIPs...just wish
i would stop starting so much stuff and get more done. Maybe in 2009.

well its daylight now so i am going to try to get the water thawed.


Friday, November 21, 2008

so much stash!

things here are crazy this week...so haven't gotten much done. larry has had dr appt,s
and some more tests. he has been eating good and is loosing weight, dr's are trying to find
out why.

i have been too restless to sit down and sew...so i decided to find out just how much
stash is hanging out around here. i have been re-arrangeing my storage and weighing
my stash...oh gee, i am way out of bounds down right excessive. i still have many boxes of
scraps and a large mountain of ironing to weigh! i guess i had better get sewing.
at least as i do the ironing i am getting fabric put away in some semblence of order.

i figure ther is enough material to keep me quilting for about 50 years. since i am already
67 that is not going to happen. oh well, this might be why i joined a no buy challenge!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

a quilty week end

i have had a good weekend!! it all started friday when frannie and margaret came to
visit for several hours! we ofcoarse had lunch out and then went to mrs millers dry goods

i bought 2 pkgs of needles, a peice of oil cloth to cover a kitchen stand and shashing and
border material for my box of chocolate quilt that i am cutting. with the double nine patch blocks i decided to do the shasing in one fabric. i think the quilt is going to be busy enough
without a multitude of neutrals in the sashing

when we returned to the house frannie volunteered to take a set of borders off a quilt for
me...never turn down a friend! thankyou frannie!! maragaret helped me bust some stash,
she needed scraps for a quilt she has planned. i don't think she mad a dent.

while they were busy and we talked i ironed, and ironed and i ironed yesterday and
today...i brought the ironing board up here for the week end.

it was great having frannie and margaret here for a fun day...and they got me started
on the mountain of ironing! it is going to take forever but i have started now if i just keep
going. it would be nice to have the fabrics ready to use. i have a huge stack to put away.

i kinda popped in on the stashbusters online retreat...ironing may not have been what
they had in mind but it sure is what was needed done here.

now i think i will put on a border!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blue challenge blocks-DONE!

not a real good picture...but here are my 4 all blue challenge blocks! they were made from
stash...i made these using 14 different blues and
yes, i still have four 28 quart totes stuffed with blue and a bunch that still needs ironed. oh yeah
there is blue on the backing shelves too.
this is why i joined a no buy challenge!!! i can buy
b word fabric(batting, backing, border, background and binding) i can spend gift certificates, and gifts do not count against me

i am going to do my best next year to bust
at least 100 yards of stash... then if i am on a no
buy i should be able to see a bit more of my sewing room. right now it is kinda overwhelming
there is material every where. wish me luck

i hope to get my stash weighed by the first of the year so i can at least estimate just how much
material is hanging out down there

Sunday, November 9, 2008

baby quilt-center done

and borders picked. if there is enough of the striped
fabric it will be the binding. this was the first time i tried the
disappearing 9 patch with yardage, i like it! i still have to finish
my blue challenge blocks. i will probably do that tonight unless
larry falls asleep watching tv...if he does i will work in the basement. i have a bunch of mile a minute blocks to trim before i can put on the next strip and i got vickies quilt on the frame so there is lots to do down there to keep me busy.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

im gaining!!!

well, yesterday was good!! i accually got the things done that i planned!

i put le last border on a kids quilt....now i have to make some backing.
i also got this quilt laid out on the floor...the blocks are set 8X10
and 8" each. i started it either late 1999 or early 2000 as I was
pressing the blocks i found 1 that the pinwheel was a poly blend...GASP. it still is. this is a
quilt for a granddaughter, not the quilt police, and at the time i made the block many books. said blends are ok
any way it looks good in there. now to figure out the border

Friday, November 7, 2008

still more blue

i can't believe i signed up for a blue challenge. i thought i had seen the end of the blues.
now i have to make 4 blue blocks...2 are done, 2 are cut and started. i have to get them
finished and mailed by the end of next week...unless we have a crisis here they will be
done in a timely manor. all the blocks must have at least 3 blues in them.

also decided to get some baby quilts done. i have 3 to make. 2 are for great grands
born this year, one for a grand due in 2009. i have started one, gotta pull fabric for
the other 2. always busy.

i have 2 more border strips to put on a kids quilt for church, i have one top done that need a back too. these 2 are ufo's...so i should be able to gain in that area.

time to get back to cutting scraps


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a ufo done DONE!

finely, the quilt on the right is for my grandsons HS graduation 5 years ago is done! he wanted a just blue quilt. the quilt is done with 86 different blues in the blocks...the back is also all blue, picture on left.
yes even the label.
not quite sure what i will bring up from the ufo stack to work
on next. i work on several quilts at a time because my pressing, cutting and quilting are all done in basement...so
i sew to pressing point on a quilt, then do the same to the
next quilt. i have found if i stop to press i get distracted and
never seem to get back to the sewing. i press each days piecing first thing the next morning.
tomarrow i will be putting a quilt on auntie grace...an X and O quilt for a friend. i don't have a
lot of "basement" time but i should get the quilt on with in the next few days.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hmmmmmmm, still 2 more blocks to make and still 2 quilts to add borders to. its been busy around here. Leah is here for a week!! it's good to have her home. she brought me a major
project...a of hers got married and leah had given her a stack of rectangles for siggies from the wedding. it should have been a simple rail fence, peice of cake for me to whip together.
however since Leah could not come home for the wedding some where the directions got lost.
many of the blocks have writing into the seam allowance. i finely decided to machine applique
the strips to a 6.5" square... and make a faux rail. i havent decided whether i will treat them as rails or piano keys...we will see as i get the blocks made. i am not going to get much done until
Leah goes home.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

only 2 more blocks to make!

when i picked this UFO from the stack
and it is a huge stack...i found that i had 10
completed blocks and all the blue rectangles
cut out. the UFO is old enough that the
rectangles were drawn and cut with sissors..
i now have all but 2 blocks made then it will be time to assemble the center. i think there is enough of the blue in the box to make a narrow border. if not, i will make a peiced border incorperating the blue.

i think the quilt was started in 2000 but not really sure! i do remember spending a full day cutting the blue out at a card table in the living room. weird thing to remember.

i am also working on borders for 2 other quilts...so the stack of need to quilt should grow in november.

yesterday was a good day. larry had a dr appointment in the afternoon and the dr was impressed with his improvement! prayers are answered!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it's still a ufo...but one more step is done

the top is set and borders are on. now to get the backing done so i can quilt this baby . at this
point this batik disappearing nine patch is going
to sit in the stack of tops that need backing. No telling when i will get to it. at least the top is done

i have another one that i am about done making the blocks. i am really trying to make a dent in
the UFO stack.

next month i am going to start keeping track of
the yardage that i use, AND the fabric purchases
that i make...in the case of scrap quilts the yardage will be estimated. i should start seeing a decrease in my stash over the next year.

i do know that i limit my fabric buying to the b words backing,batting, borders and binding and
and sometimes background. i shall see if i make any gains at all. i am not pre inventorying my stash, i think it would overwhelm me .


Monday, October 20, 2008

ufo done just in time

i finished this UFO on the 16th, the day before
larry's 65th bday!! this is a mystery quilt from an online group. larry had picked the fabric from my stash. Green is not my favorite color so it
was a true challange for me to finish.
it feels good to get something done, and to work
with uncomfortable colors yet get a quilt that i like.
life here goes on, we live one day at a time
and are accomplishing quite a bit. larry is doing well with his physical therapy...getting some strength back. now if only he would get some pounds back, he is still painfully thin.
time to get dinner on. mybe i will get some quilting done today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

well, its been another month...we still don't know the statis of larry's cancer, he still has the abcess in his lung and is on major anti biotics for this. they can do nothing with the cancer
or even see it with a catscan etc until the the abcess is cleared up. he had two stays at the hospital in sept...total of 15 days.

i have been working on hand work at hospital and dr visits...and while we are at home
i have been trying to play catch up on kids quilts, and ufo's. i should get a kids top for church done this week. will then make the backing. its a boys quilt, so i will probably peice the backing
unless i find a peice of homespun big enough to do the back.
big decisions.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

where does the time go?

i cannot believe its been more than a month since i last posted...
we are still on hold with larry, the drs have been running tests to see what the fluid in his bad lung is. because of the fluid they cannot read the scans to see the statis of his cancer. he has an
appointment with dr, maybe we will find something out then

1 have been busy canning and making jams...fitting my quilting in as i can. i have a lap quilt
ready for borders for the kids at church, borders are usually a hang up for me...i am working
on step 2 of both the carolina crossroads quilt and the orange crush quilt. i am working on ufo's
in basement when larry is asleep in the living room. i also do most of my cutting and pressing
there. i really want to do the old tobacco road quilt ...but, first i have to finish either the CC or
the OC top.

time to sew


Saturday, July 26, 2008


its been a long hard 4 months of treatments(radiation) and chemo. the radiation is done now
and we are waiting now til next week to see if larry will be taking more chemo. he has been
in the hospital twice in the last four months...lung cancer is nasty stuff. we are living day by day now and wont even know the statis of his cancer until next week.

the break between treatments has given larry time to gain some strength and some weight.
he is now up to 110 lbs!

i also needed some time to rest, not used to being responsable for every thing that needs done around here and larry's care to boot...but am getting caught up i have accually done some quilting in the last few days.

we could have not been able to make it this far without the prayers, cards and help of both friends and family.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

i have not entered for quite a while...things here are not good. larry is very very sick, things
here are on hold.

we have been spending the last couple of weeks getting tests, catscans, etc. he has a
softball sized lump in the upper right lobe of his lungs. it has blocked one of the three passages into the lung. he has had one failed needle biopsey, we are waiting for the dr to call for the next step.

my line to sanity is at this point prayer, the puter and mindless sewing. we at this point are
not even sure what we are fighting.

i have resewn about half of my step 2 on my cc during the last couple of weeks...this morning
i am bringing what i need for step 2 of the OC so i can get it assembled.

please pray for larry


Saturday, April 5, 2008

well i am now on brandy's puter...i have to stop and think when i use it. i am so used to a mouse. isure hope i can get my puter straightened around. i still have to get some more stuff saved to disk before i can wipe it out and start over. if that doesn't work i will use this one as long as i can...saving money as i can for a new one.

it is beautiful outside this morning, i think i will be putting clothes out on the line. will probably work outside for a while today too.

i did finish frannies quilt today so i will probably start setting up a kids quilt on auntie grace.
i am gaining on my step one of my OC quilt. quilting time will be cut back during the day...
IT'S SPRING! ! ! !


Thursday, April 3, 2008

oh my---puter change today

i have had problems with this computer...its old and slow and a total pain to use. i have borrowed dd brandy's laptop until i can get this one back in order. not looking forward to working on this one but it is long past due. at least i will have time to do it.

i guess this puts my quilting projects into a simi hold. at least i have 2 weeks to finish my step one of the orange crush quilt. my poor cc quilt is still on step 2. all but one of my ufo challenge quilts have the centers finished...yep i am acually gaining.

i have joined a new group...qvc-ohio. i think it will be fun. it is a group for bonnie hunter
quilters from ohio!!! its amazing how many there are making bonnie quilts in ohio!

well, i am going to try to move a button for qvc-ohio before i unhook this puter


Thursday, March 27, 2008

another ufo bites the dust

well, my 9 patch and hourglass is all signed now so that makes my 3rd ufo for the year complete.
i was beginning to wonder if i would get that one done. trouble is as i finish one quilt i seem to start another. at this rate i will never get them all done.

i am all excited about starting bonnie hunters "orange crush" quilt...i think i have enough of my ufo's to the need quilted stage that i will attempt to keep up on this mystery!!! i was thinking of taking my CCrossroads off as a leader ender project but, decided to keep it as one and try to keep up with the new mystery.

today i finely got the old white rotary sewing machine that my mom had bought in 1948 (i think)
all cleaned an adjusted so that i may use it...it runs great with a good stitch for quilt piecing.
i am going, for the time being, to be using it for the majority of my peicing. i am getting tired
of wearing out the "new and better" machines. they do not hold up to the constant hours of sewing that i do. i am planning to keep the "new and betters" for when i need a special stitch etc. i may change my mind, but for now this is the plan.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

busy week

things here have been crazier than usual...but i have a lot of stuff done.

i finished my 9 patch and hour glass quilt well, almost, have to put a label on it. got the backing done for bob's gramma i want a just blue quilt...turned frannie's quilt so it is ready to finish when
i come back monday. i will be spending the week-end quilting with friends.
it will be a while before i finish another quilt for me. i have 2 quilts to do before i put another one on aunti grace for me. the stack of tops that need quilting is growing.

well, i have to get packed up and ready to go quilt at church

hopefully i can get a finished picture of the nine patch and hour glass soon so i can post it.


Friday, March 21, 2008

well, after 3 days of chaos around here i am once again trying to get some quilting done. my basement studio had really missed me.

this morning i finely started the quilting on frannies b+w quilt...i think this one will be fun to do.
i also started the web for the back of my grandsons blue quilt. yeah i know i jump around quite a bit, but i have to rotate jobs between sitting and standing or my back and legs give out. less young sometimes is a challenge. anyway, the last 5 tops that i have made i have been immediately made the backing. that way, there is no panic or delay when i finish quilting on one quilt i can just grab the next one and not loose a day or so pottsing with the back, the pressure is off.

also made a friendship star for a friend, now to get it signed and in the mail...that is a major thing with me, just taking the time to do it.

i finely got to the 1/2 way point on step 2of my carolina crossroads!!!! wish i could get caught up on
my commitments so i could really work on this quilt!!! leader enders are the way to go when you are trying to work in an extra quilt!!! trouble is this baby has over 3200 peices that is a lot of ender leaders!!

guess i should get off of this puter and get to work


Monday, March 17, 2008

here it is monday morning. its cold out side but beautiful...as soon as i get off this puter i will be doing my laundry and hanging it outside to dry.

i had a productive week-end, and got the center of my batik dissapearing nine patch set,
now i have to get it pressed. then comes the big decision what about borders? won't have any idea until i lay it out after pressing.

i also got my blue squares...90 10.5 squares ready to lay out for a backing. i am about 1/2 done
with my step #2 of carolina crossroads mystery quilt!!! there is hope that i can get this done
using it as an leader ender project. i do know if i get my commitments caught up i will work at getting this quilt top done.

later today i will be pinning the backing of frannies quilt on aunty grace...like to get started quilting on it in the next day or so.

time to crank out the laundry


Saturday, March 15, 2008

i've been busy

my cold seems to be on the mend and i am starting to get back some stanima. just wish i could shake the cough.

i have uploaded 2 pictures of tops that i have finished in the last couple of weeks...the first top is a quilt that i am making for my grandson who told me "gramma i wanna just blue quilt".
the second top is a trail mix quilt adapted from a pattern by maybeth oxinrider...small cat on bottom approves. both tops are part of an ufo challenge that i joined with ohio quilters.

today is national quilting day so i will soon be heading to the basement to see what kinda quilting trouble i can get my self into...probably take a kids quilt off auntie grace so i can get one on for friend frannie

Saturday, March 8, 2008

let it snow!!!

well i have the hour glass and 9 patch quilt off aunti grace and have the biding on my quilt ready to hand stitch. next is a quilt for church...will finish putting it on hopefully tomarrow.

the last couple of days have been spent sewing. i decided to have a cyber retreat since a lot of my friends went to a local retreat...i haven't been on line as much as i expected a cold has slown me way down...but i have been sewing.

its been a perfect week end for a cyber retreat...blizzard conditions and level 3
restrictions on our roads in holmes county. it is beautiful here just glad i don't have to go out in it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

the best laid plans

it seems like nothing has gone as i planned...sure am glad feb is none...now i can look forward to march with its constantly changing weather.

i spent the last week rearangeing and changing my studio. i had to make space
for my wringer washer because the automatic one died...then i had to carve out space to hang our clothes...the wringer does not get them dry enough to use the dryer.
while i was at it, i also set up my hand quilting frame. i love my grace machine frame but i have some quilts that i want to hand quilt...i know i have a freestanding quilting hoop but wrestling a large quilt on it was not fun.

so this week i am back to my usual quilting routine...i hope

now to get downstairs and finish pinning the quilt on grace so i can get it turned. the quilt has been on aunti grace too long

Saturday, February 16, 2008

i have uploaded a picture of a kids quilt that i piece and quilted for church. definately a girls quilt. i now have a large quilt on auntie grace for us. this one is large enough that i will have to turn the quilt and work from the other end
to get it done so i hope to get this one done by the end of the month...i know, i am slow. my pile of quilts that need quilting keeps growing.

its a beautiful day here today the snow on the ground just sparkles. nice after a long stretch of ohio grey days, i think tomarrow is to be grey once again. time to get back to work


Sunday, February 10, 2008

finely...settled in at home

i even brought the cold weather home with me. i had a wonderful time at leah's.
the only fault with the trip was it was cold in arizona!!! i expected that here,
but not there. even had lots of cold rainy grey days.

spent 4 days in payson, i expected to be cold there, but not phoenix. i did quite a bit of sewing both at sues in payson and at leah's. got a childrens quilt center done for church, more blocks for my sisters choice quilt done and ofcoarse i had my
carolina crossroads step 1 for leader enders. i wish i would get my commitments done
so i could seriously work on the CC...but the more i get done as leader enders the less i will have to do when i can really work on it. it really looks like a neat quilt.

time to get my day started


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

carolina crossroads in arizona!!!

yep, i am slowly gaining on my mystery quilt using it as an ender leader project.
i am almost half way thru step one. and i havent been doing that much quilting, after all, i am on vacation.

truely enjoying myself here...nice going at a slow pace and hanging out with leah.

tomarrow i am going to be going to payson to spend a few days with a good friend,
maybe i will get some quilting done there. then i head home next wenesday.

hmmmm, back to the sewing machine while leah sleeps, unless the #5 book of harry potter grabs me once again


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

first leg of trip to arizona today!!!

this afternoon i leave for columbus, spend the nite at friend frannies, then catch the plain for phoenix tomarrow at noon. i am so excited!!! my dd leah got me the ticket for my birthday!!! i will be staying in az for 2 weeks most if the time at leah's...with one weekend at my friend sue's!!!

i have my quilting projects that i am going to work on all packed and ready to go.
still have to gather some clothes and get them in the suit case too. how's that for priorities?

i don't think i will get the kids quilt done before i leave i was hoping to to have the quilting all done. ah well it will be waitng for me when i get back.

time to get packing


Sunday, January 20, 2008

2nd ufo done in 2008

i did it!!! i have my second UFO finished for this year!!! it is a chunky churn dash....adapted
from bonnie hunters pattern..i made my quilt much bigger, i love large bed sized quilts.
this one is 92x104....now i can take the time to finish gathering my stuff for my trip to leah's. i am going to try to get a kids quilt quilted but i don't think i will be able to get it off auntie grace before i leave on tues...we will see
well i have organizing to do

Friday, January 18, 2008


isn't this neat...i love the fact that by working on and doing the first mystery with quiltville this little button logo is available. i love bonnies quilts...and know i will love this one when its done!!! it's incentive to get my challenge tops done so that i may really work on the mystery instead of just using it as a
leader ender.

this little quilt is for my 6month old great grand son...now all i have to do is get it packaged and mailed...i guess it will have to wait til tues morning. no mail monday. this is my first finished quilt of the year and was a ufo. i am still binding #2, and have to make a label.

getting gathered to go to az

well things are rater busy here. i am trying to get several projects cut to take with me to arizona to work on at leah's...hope to get all of step one ready to go of my mystery quilt i will be using it as a leader ender as i do other stuff. if i am on a roll i will start on step two.

as it is i am taking my black bag of hand work, aquilt for kids at church to piece and probably my sisters choice blocks to work on. well i guess i had better get my day moving

Thursday, January 17, 2008

well, i have finely figured out how to post to my blog(it only took me 2 days). i have started this
blog to keep me on track, i guess i had better learn to navigate in here.

yesterday was busy, i quilt on wednesdays for church kids. i brought one home one that needs quilted, but first i have to make the backing. not real sure what i am going to use but i will figure it out.

i have joined a quilt ufo challenge with ohio quilters, and am busy trying to keep up with it.
i listed 10 ufo's at different stages of done. the challenge runs jan 1 thru june... by then i hope to have all tops ready for quilting and backings done. also am going to try to have 6 of the quilts truely done - quilted bound and labeled. quilting is trickey, i have a grace frame and i love it!
but i cant stand too long at a time so it takes me a long time to get anything done. i also do some quilting for friends and all the church quilting for kids, i am alternating between the different quilts with the ones for kids being every other one if i have one here ready to go. infact that is what i have on the frame right now.

i couldn't resist!!! i started bonnie hunters mystery quilt carolina crossroads hmmmmmm
like i needed another project. i am doing it as a lender leader project until i get all ten of my tops pieced. then i also had to join the quiltville chat list...well not had to but wanted to. its fun working with others as we work on the quilts.

i am going to try to post, it i figure this blog stuff, out of my first ufo done in 2008