Thursday, January 17, 2008

well, i have finely figured out how to post to my blog(it only took me 2 days). i have started this
blog to keep me on track, i guess i had better learn to navigate in here.

yesterday was busy, i quilt on wednesdays for church kids. i brought one home one that needs quilted, but first i have to make the backing. not real sure what i am going to use but i will figure it out.

i have joined a quilt ufo challenge with ohio quilters, and am busy trying to keep up with it.
i listed 10 ufo's at different stages of done. the challenge runs jan 1 thru june... by then i hope to have all tops ready for quilting and backings done. also am going to try to have 6 of the quilts truely done - quilted bound and labeled. quilting is trickey, i have a grace frame and i love it!
but i cant stand too long at a time so it takes me a long time to get anything done. i also do some quilting for friends and all the church quilting for kids, i am alternating between the different quilts with the ones for kids being every other one if i have one here ready to go. infact that is what i have on the frame right now.

i couldn't resist!!! i started bonnie hunters mystery quilt carolina crossroads hmmmmmm
like i needed another project. i am doing it as a lender leader project until i get all ten of my tops pieced. then i also had to join the quiltville chat list...well not had to but wanted to. its fun working with others as we work on the quilts.

i am going to try to post, it i figure this blog stuff, out of my first ufo done in 2008


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