Sunday, May 31, 2009

stash report week #22

well, at least i didn't add any fabric this week. I have the feeling I am going to be
in the hole at the end of the year...Big Time! I just have one small finish, but its
a finish for the week!

This is the first time I have been able to post to this list...finely figured out how
to post the url to a spacific only took 5 months to figure that one out!
guess i shoulda asked.

anyway here goes

Fabric used this week 3yds
Fabric used year to date 58 yds

fabric added this week 00 yds
fabric added year to date 317 yds

Net fabric used year to date - 259 yds

hmmmmmmmm looks like i had better get to work, most of the added fabric
has been gifted to me...i truely am grateful for it!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Border quandry

I thought I knew what I wanted on my border for my X and O quilt now I am not really
sure. The bottom picture is what I planned, I think its too busy. However if I turn the diamonds on their sides the border opens up(top phot0)...matches the effect of the quilt better
Now i am asking you for your opinion.
thankyou for taking the time to answer

Friday, May 29, 2009

whats on my design wall..May 29, 2009

Judy L asked this question earlier this week...each week we are to post on our blogs and link to
hers to help measure progress of ongoing projects. I guess if i make it public, i will be more apt
to stick to my guns!

The quilt on the left needs borders...i am working on them now. I am also working on a chinese coin
wedding quilt for a friend of leahs. As
soon as I have the strips done to please me i will add appliqued siggy
blocks to the white sections.

i was unable to go to the wedding,
so people signed the blocks too close to the edge, so i am putting them on with a decorative stitch...2 more rows to assemble and then i start adding the siggies and hopefully you will be able to read what people wrote....
all but one, she wrote good wishes on the front and signed it on the back!
i am not really sure how i will handle that one!

acccually, I am working on both quilts at the same time. I am working on the border of the scrappy Xand O using it as leader enders for the chinese coin strips. I will lock in on the chinese
coins when i no longer need the leader enders cause i want to have it done by July when Leah
is home. At that time I will pull another quilt that needs done, I do like working on more than
one at a time. Whats on your design wall?


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1st purse is done!

Ihave finely finished something...this is my very first purse!!! It's got pockets both in and out,
the closer is a zipper. My DIL Beth is modeling it. I think this purse is for a larger person than Beth...she is only 5'1"... i will probably make some changes in the next one, but, at least i have gotten my feet wet with this one! it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

stash report week #21

oh my...its a good thing i did not bet money or anything that I would have less stash at the end of the year than i started with!! as i said in my last post i was gifted a huge amount of fabric from friends. Really huge!

from friends on QOR i received 7.5 yds in florals they are beautiful! mosty FQs Then the very
next day Jan from SD (and her friends) cleaned and organized their stash! they sent me aprox
258yds (Measured by weight) of their excess fabric...its great fabric too! Quite a selection! i am rearanging my stash storage, so it will be forever before i get it all put away!

so this week my report is:

Fabric used this week: 00 yds
fabric used year to date: 55 yds

Gifted fabric added this week: 265yds
fabric added year to date: 317yds

Net fabric used -262 yds Yep that is a minus!

i think i had better get to work!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


the last two days have beenfull of friends! yester day Kris and her husband and son stopped here on their way home from cleveland with a load of fabric that had been gifted to me from Jan in ND. I am truely grateful and a little overwhelmed! there were aprox 258 yds of fabric, by weight ofcoarse, that she had brought from Jan's house to me! when i thanked Jan she told me that she and several friends had cleaned their stashes! WOW! It is all great quilty material!Thankyou north dakota to get to work on some quilts for kids at church.

today was great! Franny and Margaret came up from Columbus and we sewed all day! I am still having trouble focusing for long periods of time so i was up and down all day but i got a lot done on a purse...hope to finish it tomarrow, I have all the parts made now comes the assembly.

Franny and margaret brought me a basket of flowers that is the picture i posted on this post. in and among the flowers were fat quarters and larger peices of floral prints!! I am going to be one busy lady! Thankyou QOR girls! Iknew they were coming to sew...i did not know about the flowers!

I feel very blessed and loved, every one have a great quilty weekend!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

week #19- no change

this was a family son beau and his wife terry were here for the weekend
from oregon! what a wonderful mothers day present! we worked, beau fixed many
things that have been neglected for the past year AND he and one of my nephews
carried all my storage units and heavy stuff up from the basement so my sewing and quilting
storage is now up here so are all my sewing machines. i still have many totes to bring
up...they ran out of time. will have pictures as soon as i get some from every one.

we had great food, beau is a great cook and taught my 2 grandsons that live next door
some speciality items...we just had a great time the whole weekend!!! i can't wait
for next fall when they come back.


ps i am finely sewing again,, started today!

Monday, May 4, 2009

stash report 17 and 18

i have gone backwards...way backwards.

i was gifted a huge stack of fabrics at a quilt retreat over the week end...i think every one
there probably thru some in. i weighed the fabric in, too much to measure and there is close
to eighty yards of fabric or more here. plus i had a gift card here, that i used for 5 yards
of Kona black and 2 yards of neutrals. (i bought these before i was gifted). i also had used a
gift card for a yard of quilted fabric for a purse for leah. so...........

week 17, no change


fabric added this week 88 yds
fabric added this year 107 yds

fabric busted this week 000 yds
fabric busted this year 55 yds

net busted this year -52 yds

hmmmmmmmm i think i had better get to work on my quilts or i am going to be in the hole
at the end of the year. i do know a friend in north dakota has sent a sizeable amount of
fabric to me too so when it arrives i will be even more in reverse. i am not whining, i love
scraps and gifted fabrics, its just kinda overwhelming when it comes in!!! it will be used!

thank you every one!!!