Monday, May 4, 2009

stash report 17 and 18

i have gone backwards...way backwards.

i was gifted a huge stack of fabrics at a quilt retreat over the week end...i think every one
there probably thru some in. i weighed the fabric in, too much to measure and there is close
to eighty yards of fabric or more here. plus i had a gift card here, that i used for 5 yards
of Kona black and 2 yards of neutrals. (i bought these before i was gifted). i also had used a
gift card for a yard of quilted fabric for a purse for leah. so...........

week 17, no change


fabric added this week 88 yds
fabric added this year 107 yds

fabric busted this week 000 yds
fabric busted this year 55 yds

net busted this year -52 yds

hmmmmmmmm i think i had better get to work on my quilts or i am going to be in the hole
at the end of the year. i do know a friend in north dakota has sent a sizeable amount of
fabric to me too so when it arrives i will be even more in reverse. i am not whining, i love
scraps and gifted fabrics, its just kinda overwhelming when it comes in!!! it will be used!

thank you every one!!!


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Carolyn a Ohioquilter said...

have you checked your car lately??? LOL we sure are sneaky GF~~~
Love ya