Friday, May 29, 2009

whats on my design wall..May 29, 2009

Judy L asked this question earlier this week...each week we are to post on our blogs and link to
hers to help measure progress of ongoing projects. I guess if i make it public, i will be more apt
to stick to my guns!

The quilt on the left needs borders...i am working on them now. I am also working on a chinese coin
wedding quilt for a friend of leahs. As
soon as I have the strips done to please me i will add appliqued siggy
blocks to the white sections.

i was unable to go to the wedding,
so people signed the blocks too close to the edge, so i am putting them on with a decorative stitch...2 more rows to assemble and then i start adding the siggies and hopefully you will be able to read what people wrote....
all but one, she wrote good wishes on the front and signed it on the back!
i am not really sure how i will handle that one!

acccually, I am working on both quilts at the same time. I am working on the border of the scrappy Xand O using it as leader enders for the chinese coin strips. I will lock in on the chinese
coins when i no longer need the leader enders cause i want to have it done by July when Leah
is home. At that time I will pull another quilt that needs done, I do like working on more than
one at a time. Whats on your design wall?


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