Sunday, May 24, 2009

stash report week #21

oh my...its a good thing i did not bet money or anything that I would have less stash at the end of the year than i started with!! as i said in my last post i was gifted a huge amount of fabric from friends. Really huge!

from friends on QOR i received 7.5 yds in florals they are beautiful! mosty FQs Then the very
next day Jan from SD (and her friends) cleaned and organized their stash! they sent me aprox
258yds (Measured by weight) of their excess fabric...its great fabric too! Quite a selection! i am rearanging my stash storage, so it will be forever before i get it all put away!

so this week my report is:

Fabric used this week: 00 yds
fabric used year to date: 55 yds

Gifted fabric added this week: 265yds
fabric added year to date: 317yds

Net fabric used -262 yds Yep that is a minus!

i think i had better get to work!!!!!!!!

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Kris said...

Okay..I'll bite; exactly how muh does a yard weigh? XO