Saturday, April 25, 2009

Larry will be missed

for those of you who have been following my blog...i have sad news. Larry passed away
at 7:56 wed morning. He was comfortable at the end. He had a very long year fighting his
cancer, some of it was good. he chose to be able to spend most of the last year in our home,
he did have 3 hospital stays, but in the end he was comfortable at home.

he was a good man, well loved by family and friends. Larry's memorial service will
be later today where he wanted it, in his own back yard with family and friends
attending. i was truely blessed to be able to care for him this past year.


Monday, April 20, 2009

stash report #16 and a quandry

stash report #16
no changes this week...nothing in nothing out so....
fabric added year to date 19 yds
fabric busted year to date 55 yds
net busted year to date 36 yds
i found this UFO from when leah was about 4... she is now almost 28. i know why i set it aside, i dont really like the setting. i am thinking of taking it apart and putting a full round of white around the flowers, then put in a scrappy green seperator like shasing between . i have 11 flowers together.20 some odd to add. its way past time to get this done. 20 years is long enough.
what i might do is try the finished but not in the quilt yet flowers the way i see it in my mind.
this has been pieced by it will be tricky there is a lot of back stitching to deal with.
i have plenty of time for hand stitching right now...larry is now on roxanol and i have
to keep a closer eye on him...he is now still ambluatory,but needs an assist. so i am sitting
and hand stitching...cause he keeps forgetting he cannot walk alone.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

well, i was hoping to be ready to quilt today...and i still haven't finished getting the frame together...i am changing the tubing that holds the aprons on. i only have one to do. the top

laying on the floor in back of the frame on the middle rod is waiting patiently for me to

get going. accually its even a UFO started before larry got sick last year. the top has been

done since probably dec.

i have gotten most of the displaced furniture in its new home. it just takes about 3 times

as long to do anything than i expected. there is room between his hospital bed and the

quilting frame for my i am not displaced. if he decides to sleep back there

there is room for both of us. he has been sleeping in the recliner in the living room, feels

more comfortable there.

i hope to get some more work done in the sun room or sewing done here in the living room just depends how much company larry gets today. have a great quilty day


Monday, April 13, 2009

stash report-week #15

i did not do much sewing this week...just a few min one day.
so there are no changes to my numbers.

larry has had a rough week, brandy and josh's wedding took a lot out of him.
too much going on and he was super tired...he is finely feeling a bit better.


Monday, April 6, 2009

week #14-stash report

fabric added this week 00yds
fabric added year to date 19yds

fabric busted this week 19 yds
fabric busted year to date 55yds

net fabric busted year to date 36yds

finely a gain...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

UFO done just in time for a 1st quarter finish

my goal for the year was and is one UFO finished each month, plus several WIP's also
completed...well, as of march 31 i have completed 3 UFOs and 2 sure would be nice
to keep up at this rate.
the picture posted is the sisters choice quilt that i made for my son and his wife...i gave it to
Drew to take home last night when he brought Leah here from the airport. notice the bluejean rag quilt on floor at bottom of quilt? this is my quilt tester's bed. she was in the other room when i laid the quilt out for a pic...before i got my camera out Kayla had to try the new quilt,
not even glancing at her bed.
Sunday is a big day here!! Brandy is getting married under the abor in the back yard!!
she was planning an oct wedding, but larry has really gone down hill in the last couple of months.
she decided to move the wedding up to the fifth when she found out her sister would be here
from the first to the 6th of this month. 12 days to pull a wedding together!! i wish i could
help but larry is my priority, and i am proud of her, she is pulling it all together!