Monday, April 20, 2009

stash report #16 and a quandry

stash report #16
no changes this week...nothing in nothing out so....
fabric added year to date 19 yds
fabric busted year to date 55 yds
net busted year to date 36 yds
i found this UFO from when leah was about 4... she is now almost 28. i know why i set it aside, i dont really like the setting. i am thinking of taking it apart and putting a full round of white around the flowers, then put in a scrappy green seperator like shasing between . i have 11 flowers together.20 some odd to add. its way past time to get this done. 20 years is long enough.
what i might do is try the finished but not in the quilt yet flowers the way i see it in my mind.
this has been pieced by it will be tricky there is a lot of back stitching to deal with.
i have plenty of time for hand stitching right now...larry is now on roxanol and i have
to keep a closer eye on him...he is now still ambluatory,but needs an assist. so i am sitting
and hand stitching...cause he keeps forgetting he cannot walk alone.

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Kris said...

so what about ringng them in black like a garden path?