Monday, April 13, 2009

stash report-week #15

i did not do much sewing this week...just a few min one day.
so there are no changes to my numbers.

larry has had a rough week, brandy and josh's wedding took a lot out of him.
too much going on and he was super tired...he is finely feeling a bit better.



Yvonne said...

Hope the wedding was beautiful and things worked out Ok for all. Take care of yourself girlfriend. I have been planting lots of seeds and a few bedding plants. I helped DS plant some peppers yesterday. He is all into "herbs" right now. I have never grown herbs but am trying to help him. He is a hoot. I think of you when I am planting. Hugs! Y

Pat's place said...

Ann, just wanted to let you know i am thinking about you..have not heard from you and don't want to wake Larry up..have grand daughter this week, will call maybe later sunday you gf...