Thursday, March 27, 2008

another ufo bites the dust

well, my 9 patch and hourglass is all signed now so that makes my 3rd ufo for the year complete.
i was beginning to wonder if i would get that one done. trouble is as i finish one quilt i seem to start another. at this rate i will never get them all done.

i am all excited about starting bonnie hunters "orange crush" quilt...i think i have enough of my ufo's to the need quilted stage that i will attempt to keep up on this mystery!!! i was thinking of taking my CCrossroads off as a leader ender project but, decided to keep it as one and try to keep up with the new mystery.

today i finely got the old white rotary sewing machine that my mom had bought in 1948 (i think)
all cleaned an adjusted so that i may use runs great with a good stitch for quilt piecing.
i am going, for the time being, to be using it for the majority of my peicing. i am getting tired
of wearing out the "new and better" machines. they do not hold up to the constant hours of sewing that i do. i am planning to keep the "new and betters" for when i need a special stitch etc. i may change my mind, but for now this is the plan.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

busy week

things here have been crazier than usual...but i have a lot of stuff done.

i finished my 9 patch and hour glass quilt well, almost, have to put a label on it. got the backing done for bob's gramma i want a just blue quilt...turned frannie's quilt so it is ready to finish when
i come back monday. i will be spending the week-end quilting with friends.
it will be a while before i finish another quilt for me. i have 2 quilts to do before i put another one on aunti grace for me. the stack of tops that need quilting is growing.

well, i have to get packed up and ready to go quilt at church

hopefully i can get a finished picture of the nine patch and hour glass soon so i can post it.


Friday, March 21, 2008

well, after 3 days of chaos around here i am once again trying to get some quilting done. my basement studio had really missed me.

this morning i finely started the quilting on frannies b+w quilt...i think this one will be fun to do.
i also started the web for the back of my grandsons blue quilt. yeah i know i jump around quite a bit, but i have to rotate jobs between sitting and standing or my back and legs give out. less young sometimes is a challenge. anyway, the last 5 tops that i have made i have been immediately made the backing. that way, there is no panic or delay when i finish quilting on one quilt i can just grab the next one and not loose a day or so pottsing with the back, the pressure is off.

also made a friendship star for a friend, now to get it signed and in the mail...that is a major thing with me, just taking the time to do it.

i finely got to the 1/2 way point on step 2of my carolina crossroads!!!! wish i could get caught up on
my commitments so i could really work on this quilt!!! leader enders are the way to go when you are trying to work in an extra quilt!!! trouble is this baby has over 3200 peices that is a lot of ender leaders!!

guess i should get off of this puter and get to work


Monday, March 17, 2008

here it is monday morning. its cold out side but soon as i get off this puter i will be doing my laundry and hanging it outside to dry.

i had a productive week-end, and got the center of my batik dissapearing nine patch set,
now i have to get it pressed. then comes the big decision what about borders? won't have any idea until i lay it out after pressing.

i also got my blue squares...90 10.5 squares ready to lay out for a backing. i am about 1/2 done
with my step #2 of carolina crossroads mystery quilt!!! there is hope that i can get this done
using it as an leader ender project. i do know if i get my commitments caught up i will work at getting this quilt top done.

later today i will be pinning the backing of frannies quilt on aunty to get started quilting on it in the next day or so.

time to crank out the laundry


Saturday, March 15, 2008

i've been busy

my cold seems to be on the mend and i am starting to get back some stanima. just wish i could shake the cough.

i have uploaded 2 pictures of tops that i have finished in the last couple of weeks...the first top is a quilt that i am making for my grandson who told me "gramma i wanna just blue quilt".
the second top is a trail mix quilt adapted from a pattern by maybeth oxinrider...small cat on bottom approves. both tops are part of an ufo challenge that i joined with ohio quilters.

today is national quilting day so i will soon be heading to the basement to see what kinda quilting trouble i can get my self into...probably take a kids quilt off auntie grace so i can get one on for friend frannie

Saturday, March 8, 2008

let it snow!!!

well i have the hour glass and 9 patch quilt off aunti grace and have the biding on my quilt ready to hand stitch. next is a quilt for church...will finish putting it on hopefully tomarrow.

the last couple of days have been spent sewing. i decided to have a cyber retreat since a lot of my friends went to a local retreat...i haven't been on line as much as i expected a cold has slown me way down...but i have been sewing.

its been a perfect week end for a cyber retreat...blizzard conditions and level 3
restrictions on our roads in holmes county. it is beautiful here just glad i don't have to go out in it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

the best laid plans

it seems like nothing has gone as i planned...sure am glad feb is i can look forward to march with its constantly changing weather.

i spent the last week rearangeing and changing my studio. i had to make space
for my wringer washer because the automatic one died...then i had to carve out space to hang our clothes...the wringer does not get them dry enough to use the dryer.
while i was at it, i also set up my hand quilting frame. i love my grace machine frame but i have some quilts that i want to hand quilt...i know i have a freestanding quilting hoop but wrestling a large quilt on it was not fun.

so this week i am back to my usual quilting routine...i hope

now to get downstairs and finish pinning the quilt on grace so i can get it turned. the quilt has been on aunti grace too long