Friday, March 21, 2008

well, after 3 days of chaos around here i am once again trying to get some quilting done. my basement studio had really missed me.

this morning i finely started the quilting on frannies b+w quilt...i think this one will be fun to do.
i also started the web for the back of my grandsons blue quilt. yeah i know i jump around quite a bit, but i have to rotate jobs between sitting and standing or my back and legs give out. less young sometimes is a challenge. anyway, the last 5 tops that i have made i have been immediately made the backing. that way, there is no panic or delay when i finish quilting on one quilt i can just grab the next one and not loose a day or so pottsing with the back, the pressure is off.

also made a friendship star for a friend, now to get it signed and in the mail...that is a major thing with me, just taking the time to do it.

i finely got to the 1/2 way point on step 2of my carolina crossroads!!!! wish i could get caught up on
my commitments so i could really work on this quilt!!! leader enders are the way to go when you are trying to work in an extra quilt!!! trouble is this baby has over 3200 peices that is a lot of ender leaders!!

guess i should get off of this puter and get to work


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MakesMeSmile said...

YAY for getting Frannie's b + w started! Of course, that's from a personal point of view. You're getting so much accomplished lately. I envy you!