Thursday, March 27, 2008

another ufo bites the dust

well, my 9 patch and hourglass is all signed now so that makes my 3rd ufo for the year complete.
i was beginning to wonder if i would get that one done. trouble is as i finish one quilt i seem to start another. at this rate i will never get them all done.

i am all excited about starting bonnie hunters "orange crush" quilt...i think i have enough of my ufo's to the need quilted stage that i will attempt to keep up on this mystery!!! i was thinking of taking my CCrossroads off as a leader ender project but, decided to keep it as one and try to keep up with the new mystery.

today i finely got the old white rotary sewing machine that my mom had bought in 1948 (i think)
all cleaned an adjusted so that i may use runs great with a good stitch for quilt piecing.
i am going, for the time being, to be using it for the majority of my peicing. i am getting tired
of wearing out the "new and better" machines. they do not hold up to the constant hours of sewing that i do. i am planning to keep the "new and betters" for when i need a special stitch etc. i may change my mind, but for now this is the plan.


Phyl said...

Hi Ann! I don't know how I missed the fact that you live in Ohio, too.

Can u send me a link to the Ohio Quilter's Group?

Phyl from QVChat.

gingerquilts said...

Hi Ann! Glad to see more of us in this area. Your quilt is lovely. I hope to knock out my UFO's this year, too. Of course I worked all day on the Orange Crush. Oh well. You were brave to count all yours. I'm still in the "hide 'em and deny "em" stage! Jenni

Carolyn a Ohioquilter said...

Great Quilt Ann I love what you did with those scraps. You are the Scrap Queen~~~