Thursday, April 3, 2008

oh my---puter change today

i have had problems with this computer...its old and slow and a total pain to use. i have borrowed dd brandy's laptop until i can get this one back in order. not looking forward to working on this one but it is long past due. at least i will have time to do it.

i guess this puts my quilting projects into a simi hold. at least i have 2 weeks to finish my step one of the orange crush quilt. my poor cc quilt is still on step 2. all but one of my ufo challenge quilts have the centers finished...yep i am acually gaining.

i have joined a new i think it will be fun. it is a group for bonnie hunter
quilters from ohio!!! its amazing how many there are making bonnie quilts in ohio!

well, i am going to try to move a button for qvc-ohio before i unhook this puter


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