Saturday, April 5, 2008

well i am now on brandy's puter...i have to stop and think when i use it. i am so used to a mouse. isure hope i can get my puter straightened around. i still have to get some more stuff saved to disk before i can wipe it out and start over. if that doesn't work i will use this one as long as i can...saving money as i can for a new one.

it is beautiful outside this morning, i think i will be putting clothes out on the line. will probably work outside for a while today too.

i did finish frannies quilt today so i will probably start setting up a kids quilt on auntie grace.
i am gaining on my step one of my OC quilt. quilting time will be cut back during the day...
IT'S SPRING! ! ! !



Phyl said...

Consider yourself tagged...go here to find out more:

Carolyn a Ohioquilter said...

Can't wait to see more of your creations especially with the scrappy kind.