Monday, March 3, 2008

the best laid plans

it seems like nothing has gone as i planned...sure am glad feb is i can look forward to march with its constantly changing weather.

i spent the last week rearangeing and changing my studio. i had to make space
for my wringer washer because the automatic one died...then i had to carve out space to hang our clothes...the wringer does not get them dry enough to use the dryer.
while i was at it, i also set up my hand quilting frame. i love my grace machine frame but i have some quilts that i want to hand quilt...i know i have a freestanding quilting hoop but wrestling a large quilt on it was not fun.

so this week i am back to my usual quilting routine...i hope

now to get downstairs and finish pinning the quilt on grace so i can get it turned. the quilt has been on aunti grace too long

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