Wednesday, May 13, 2009

week #19- no change

this was a family son beau and his wife terry were here for the weekend
from oregon! what a wonderful mothers day present! we worked, beau fixed many
things that have been neglected for the past year AND he and one of my nephews
carried all my storage units and heavy stuff up from the basement so my sewing and quilting
storage is now up here so are all my sewing machines. i still have many totes to bring
up...they ran out of time. will have pictures as soon as i get some from every one.

we had great food, beau is a great cook and taught my 2 grandsons that live next door
some speciality items...we just had a great time the whole weekend!!! i can't wait
for next fall when they come back.


ps i am finely sewing again,, started today!

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Veronica said...

Good to hear you had a great Mother's Day, Ann. Glad you're back to sewing, too. Think of you often.