Tuesday, December 16, 2008

it's already the 16th!

i dont know where the time goes...its been a while since i have posted.
life here has gotten away from me. i am seriously working on dd leahs friends wedding
siggy quilt...the peices are beginning to fill up te design wall. its a chinese coin. i hope jessica likes it when i am done. once i get all the peices cut and arranged the piecing should go fast.
this quilt is definately scrappy and out of my my stash. it does take time going thru all the scraps, but is working out. i am beginning to really like it!

i have the picture on its side and haven't quite
figured how to turn it at this point so please bear
with me...the grace ends should be on the bottom....

i have auntie grace just about ready to turn the quilt that is on it...its too big to not turn cause
i have a 9" harp on my brother...not quite a long arm should get that quilt turned tomarrow morning...

i also got the sisters choice top done, now to make the backing. there is always something
ready to do when you are a quilter!


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