Monday, December 8, 2008

seths quilt is finely done done!

done label and all! i really bogged down when it came to the label...just couldn't seem to get to it.

hope it doesn't take me that long to get it packaged and mailed. now i will concentrate on

getting the borders made and on my sisters choice quilt.

i have a X&O quilt on auntie grace, i had major problems with it this morning...what took me

about 15 min to put in took almost an hour to take out...i have recleaned the machine, changed

needles, adjusted tensions and walked away. if its not straightened out (i will try again later)

the machine goes for repair tomarrow. sure hope i got it right, i don't want to be machineless

for a week or more.

its a good thing that we decided nothing quilted was going to be made for Christmas!

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