Sunday, November 16, 2008

a quilty week end

i have had a good weekend!! it all started friday when frannie and margaret came to
visit for several hours! we ofcoarse had lunch out and then went to mrs millers dry goods

i bought 2 pkgs of needles, a peice of oil cloth to cover a kitchen stand and shashing and
border material for my box of chocolate quilt that i am cutting. with the double nine patch blocks i decided to do the shasing in one fabric. i think the quilt is going to be busy enough
without a multitude of neutrals in the sashing

when we returned to the house frannie volunteered to take a set of borders off a quilt for
me...never turn down a friend! thankyou frannie!! maragaret helped me bust some stash,
she needed scraps for a quilt she has planned. i don't think she mad a dent.

while they were busy and we talked i ironed, and ironed and i ironed yesterday and
today...i brought the ironing board up here for the week end.

it was great having frannie and margaret here for a fun day...and they got me started
on the mountain of ironing! it is going to take forever but i have started now if i just keep
going. it would be nice to have the fabrics ready to use. i have a huge stack to put away.

i kinda popped in on the stashbusters online retreat...ironing may not have been what
they had in mind but it sure is what was needed done here.

now i think i will put on a border!


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