Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blue challenge blocks-DONE!

not a real good picture...but here are my 4 all blue challenge blocks! they were made from
stash...i made these using 14 different blues and
yes, i still have four 28 quart totes stuffed with blue and a bunch that still needs ironed. oh yeah
there is blue on the backing shelves too.
this is why i joined a no buy challenge!!! i can buy
b word fabric(batting, backing, border, background and binding) i can spend gift certificates, and gifts do not count against me

i am going to do my best next year to bust
at least 100 yards of stash... then if i am on a no
buy i should be able to see a bit more of my sewing room. right now it is kinda overwhelming
there is material every where. wish me luck

i hope to get my stash weighed by the first of the year so i can at least estimate just how much
material is hanging out down there


Yvonne said...

The blue blocks are stunning. Good luck with your stash busting challenge. Hugs, Y


I just love the blue!~! That is a most excellent idea to weigh your stash! I have a bin of scraps I am planning on making into crumb blocks tonight. I am going to weigh them before I start! Thanks for the idea!