Saturday, November 22, 2008

just rambleing

i am gaining on vickies X and O quilt, i got it turned this morning before larry got up
so its ready to finish quilting. i almost didnt turn it on auntie gracie but its big enough
that if i dont, even meandering, my sewing is not consistant. i just wish i had more
basement time.

every time i run downstairs for something, i now take the time to weigh one or two
containers of fabric...i should have the weight total by th first of the week. i am going to figure the yardage
at 3.5 yards per pound...i am not unloading the boxes and bins so i figure that should
cover my weight of containers...any way this is approxi ment weight.

however, i do have a baby quilt that only needs 2 more border strips and the top will
be done. ofcoarse, i still have to make the backing. i should have a good start on my
UFO's by the first of the year and i am making good progress on my WIPs...just wish
i would stop starting so much stuff and get more done. Maybe in 2009.

well its daylight now so i am going to try to get the water thawed.


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