Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a ufo done DONE!

finely, the quilt on the right is for my grandsons HS graduation 5 years ago is done! he wanted a just blue quilt. the quilt is done with 86 different blues in the blocks...the back is also all blue, picture on left.
yes even the label.
not quite sure what i will bring up from the ufo stack to work
on next. i work on several quilts at a time because my pressing, cutting and quilting are all done in
i sew to pressing point on a quilt, then do the same to the
next quilt. i have found if i stop to press i get distracted and
never seem to get back to the sewing. i press each days piecing first thing the next morning.
tomarrow i will be putting a quilt on auntie X and O quilt for a friend. i don't have a
lot of "basement" time but i should get the quilt on with in the next few days.

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