Friday, November 7, 2008

still more blue

i can't believe i signed up for a blue challenge. i thought i had seen the end of the blues.
now i have to make 4 blue blocks...2 are done, 2 are cut and started. i have to get them
finished and mailed by the end of next week...unless we have a crisis here they will be
done in a timely manor. all the blocks must have at least 3 blues in them.

also decided to get some baby quilts done. i have 3 to make. 2 are for great grands
born this year, one for a grand due in 2009. i have started one, gotta pull fabric for
the other 2. always busy.

i have 2 more border strips to put on a kids quilt for church, i have one top done that need a back too. these 2 are ufo' i should be able to gain in that area.

time to get back to cutting scraps


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