Friday, November 21, 2008

so much stash!

things here are crazy this haven't gotten much done. larry has had dr appt,s
and some more tests. he has been eating good and is loosing weight, dr's are trying to find
out why.

i have been too restless to sit down and i decided to find out just how much
stash is hanging out around here. i have been re-arrangeing my storage and weighing
my stash...oh gee, i am way out of bounds down right excessive. i still have many boxes of
scraps and a large mountain of ironing to weigh! i guess i had better get sewing.
at least as i do the ironing i am getting fabric put away in some semblence of order.

i figure ther is enough material to keep me quilting for about 50 years. since i am already
67 that is not going to happen. oh well, this might be why i joined a no buy challenge!!


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