Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it's still a ufo...but one more step is done

the top is set and borders are on. now to get the backing done so i can quilt this baby . at this
point this batik disappearing nine patch is going
to sit in the stack of tops that need backing. No telling when i will get to it. at least the top is done

i have another one that i am about done making the blocks. i am really trying to make a dent in
the UFO stack.

next month i am going to start keeping track of
the yardage that i use, AND the fabric purchases
that i make...in the case of scrap quilts the yardage will be estimated. i should start seeing a decrease in my stash over the next year.

i do know that i limit my fabric buying to the b words backing,batting, borders and binding and
and sometimes background. i shall see if i make any gains at all. i am not pre inventorying my stash, i think it would overwhelm me .



Anonymous said...

your quilts are beutiful. I sat here and went through all your blogs and looked at all the pictures that you have posted. it made me really home sick for all my quilting friends in Ohio. I miss you more than you know. maybe some time in the future you can come to florida and we can work on our ufo's together. I reall miss you ann


MakesMeSmile said...

beautiful! And Vickie... we miss you too.


Franie said...

gGood luck on reducing stash. I am in the same boat but I still buy because stores are not on the next block and I might need something immediately. That's my excuse anyway. Your quilts are beautiful Ann. How many quilts waiting for the Grace?