Saturday, July 26, 2008


its been a long hard 4 months of treatments(radiation) and chemo. the radiation is done now
and we are waiting now til next week to see if larry will be taking more chemo. he has been
in the hospital twice in the last four months...lung cancer is nasty stuff. we are living day by day now and wont even know the statis of his cancer until next week.

the break between treatments has given larry time to gain some strength and some weight.
he is now up to 110 lbs!

i also needed some time to rest, not used to being responsable for every thing that needs done around here and larry's care to boot...but am getting caught up i have accually done some quilting in the last few days.

we could have not been able to make it this far without the prayers, cards and help of both friends and family.


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