Wednesday, November 18, 2009

late design wall monday, its wednesday!

acually there is less showing on my design wall than the last time i posted because the small sampler has much of it at the machine being worked on...i am hoping by next monday it will be a center. The pick and choose quilt is still up...I am
working on block 9...its due tomarrow. Once I get it all cut out I will probably take it down until I have it a lot closer to if you are following my design wall are probably getting tired of looking at it, I know I am. I am trying to
not repeat the darks and mediums from block to block.
the easiest way to do this is to have it where i can see it as i cut.(my design wall is directly behind my cutting table)
one of the main problems with depression is I spend so much time playing catch up after days of stareing into space so i don't always get done what i planned. but , i have been having more good days than bad lately. so the catch up didn't take so long this time.
I am going to have to cut this short...gotta finish quilting margaret's quilt so I can get 2 baby
quilts done... yeah still playing catch up.

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