Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sundays goal finely reached...on tuesday

well, the center is done on this bargello heart...now to figure out the borders...wonder how long that will take me...I have kinda of an Idea will it work? only time will tell.
This center should have been done on Sunday, but I had
a couple of days of stareing into space. I have often wondered why when people are in a funk...why don't they
just work their way out by the boot straps. Now I know.
Sometimes it just doesn't work.
I am not inlove with the colors in this quilt...but I don't
have to be...just hope my grandson and wife like them.
its hard to work with colors that are not quite in your range.
but i think it will be a nice quilt ... just not mine! who knows
by the time its done i may love it.
every one have a great day

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