Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time to do the center medalion

I would have left this for last...but figure I would never make it!  I started this this see the first set of bias stems...the circle is the accual center of the block. at this point I have all 4 bias sections pinned on.  the next step is to baste them down so they don't shift,then I can start appliqueing them down. (i also dont get stuck by about 100 pins as I do the hand work if I baste)  It's a good thing that there is no deadline on this pressure.
it will be quite a while before you will see it again... this first step has to be accurate or the whole quilt will be whopper jawed so I will be taking my time.
  Thankyou to all of my friends that are encouraging
as I work on this.  It is basically evening work as I watch T.V. or listen to a book on CD.  If I bog down on the medalion I still have 11 of the 12" blocks to work on.
   now to get started on my day.

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ANudge said...

This is really shaping up beautifully, Ann. Look forward to seeing it finished.