Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If I ever get all the leaves on the apple block
this is the center medalion in the album of memories
quilt that I have started.  there are even 3 out of 4 feathers prepped and ready to go...the and scads of bias stems(already made) are the first peices to go on the medalion.  once I get the leaves mad on the
apple block I am ready to get started on the center!

Opps time to go get brandy

Have a great day!


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Mags said...

Ahhhhhhhh I love it. Will have to post a pic of mine. I need to add a few more flowers and decide how I am going to do the berries. Cheapest way would be for me to try my hand at fusible web. Don't want to washer ring make them and I think beads would be costly...and I am trying to cut down on such things :-) ha