Monday, January 18, 2010

Design wall Monday...Jan 18, 10

I know this is not a wall...its my dining room
table...since i forgot to flip the picture it kinda sorta looks like a wall!
to be honest, my wall looks just about the same
as it did last week...when i fell my neck was jarred and is far too tender to sew, so i haven't
been sewing. However I have an internal need
to play in far these are the 2" squares
that i have found around here...the box with tapered sides has patches in sets of 5...these
will probably end up being a stack of 9 patches
the white front flat box is the 2" squares that I have found in various scrap boxes, they are not
sorted in any way. The shoe box in the back has been sorted into stacks of light dark medium.
hopefully by the time i have enough 16 patches for my quilt made i will have sorted the flat box
into the other 2...and they should all fit into the wedge box for 9 patches...the misc patches with the light med dark stacks sorted. I am in no hurry, this is a leader ender project. At this point
I think the pinwheel patches will be blue and white to off white. I have more blue than anything in my stash so I hope to keep blue as a focus for a while. The main thing tho is to get the 2" squares under control...I finely have the 2" strips in dark light order with nothing shorter than 12" in the drawer! Scrap maintence is an ongoing program!


ANudge said...

Sorry to hear you fell, Ann! Hope you are feeling better soon. Your stash sorting project sounds great - I was trying to do that by doing Bonnie's Christmas mystery, and although I almost have a top from Christmas scraps - I now have a ton of new scraps - never ends.

bettina said...

sorry to hear about your fall i hope your recovering well....always good to work in a box of fabrics no matter how small they are

Shellie said...

Sorry to hear about your neck. At least the sewing down time is giving you a chance to get some organizing done. Of course, you could always just skip sorting the squares, randomly sew them together and call it a confetti quilt. :) Hope you feel better soon.

Quilter Kathy said...

Hope you feel better soon. Have fun playing with fabric until you recover.

Diane said...

sorry you can't sew right now-hope you recover quickly and when you do-you'll be ready to sew

Gari said...

Having just recovered from a fall, I feel your pain. But you are using your time wisely. I really hate scrap maintenance but it seems to be paying off in the end.