Monday, May 10, 2010

design wall monday may 5,2010

there is no real change...just changed the design
wall...i now have 2...the large one is tied up with
the scrappy bargello. this smaller wall is for
the things i work on at the same time.
i love the way the crossing ohio blocks are turning
out...the the other blocks are leader enders.
as ever,


Ivani said...

very interisting the look of the crossing Ohio star block. What is it size? Happy Quilting.

Diane said...

I like the design too and the leader/enders...looks like the pile I'm making!

ann said...

the crossing ohio block is 12"
finished...I am supposed to be making 1 a week but as usual I
am running behind.

Myra said...

Wonderful blocks! Looking good! 8-)

Carol said...

Oooh the Crossing Ohio blocks look really pretty.