Thursday, August 5, 2010

auditioning fabrics for last triangle!

some times I am a slow learner... I always lay my fabric choices out on the ironing board when I am making selections for applique. this is so I can get the freezer paper templates ironed on in the correct position. Up until today,
I have had the finished blocks laying out somewhere else.
Duh! why not tape them on the wall behind the board...
sure saves a lot of running back and forth!
I do want to get the applique done on this quilt before
I start the applique on Robert Callaham's " Album of Memories" and I am working on the backgrounds for it now.
Now, I guess I had better get to work pressing the templates down so I can get back to cutting pick and choose


Mags said...

Very pretty. You do lovely applique'.

ANudge said...

I really like your applique, Ann. Look forward to seeing the whole quilt.