Monday, August 23, 2010

design wall monday Aug 23, 2010

I still have several more strips to sew for my sashing for the pick and choose quilt...and the border half square triangles are being cut for the final border...the end is just barely in sight.
the right side of the wall? steps one 2 and 3
of a serries quilt from QNM from several years
ago. I have lost all directions but 2 and 3...this will end up being my quilt ... I am not even sure how big the center medalian is supposed to be! I will trim the center to fit the on point 9 patches, the triangles with the heart,birds and flowers
will be trimmed to go around the outside of the
9 patches...the rest of the quilt I have absolutely have no idea if I will follow the picture I have
or will just do my own thing...step 3 is an odd size border of churn dashes...I have the cutting directions for them. Maybe the missing patterns will surface by then...if not It will be quite different from the pattern.
time to get off of lots to do today including some peach jam
had a great trip to southern Mo then to South Dakota back to Mo and then home ... on the road for 2 weeks met some new people and saw a lot of great places.


Tamera said...

Such beautiful colors! I cannot wait to see the quilt all together.

Sally Hamilton said...

Very pretty!

Teaquilts said...

Great projects. What issue does the QNM design start in?

Vicki said...

Very pretty. I wind up doing my own thing on most quilts anyway, regardless of pattern. I don't like doing pieced borders for some reason. I think you have a great quilt going.

Beth said...

Love all the scrappy colors! Where did you go in SD? We visited our dd there earlier in the summer. She is stationed at Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City. I had never been there and look forward to going back!

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...

Who needs directions?! LOL

Rabid Quilter said...

The applique blocks are lovely! Are they from a pattern or your design?

Mags said...

You know me. I like everything you do. BEAUTIFUL work!!

Sherry Dawn said...

Ann: Your quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful. I want to thank you for making time to meet me on your travels. I really loved meeting you and Sally.