Saturday, March 27, 2010

this bridge is as long as it looks in the picture...

how ever it is the quickest way to get to a park that has almost wild birds in it...they know that
bird seed will be given if they sit on a persons shoulder. they are protected here and have
no fear of humans. and yes this is me.
well, time has flown and i have little to show for it...these pictures are almost 2 months old!
I did finish the goose creek top and gave it to margaret before I got aa will just have to believe me!
I am bogging down on my many many UFO's...and have given myself permission to start
something new...I have cut pieces for a new quilt...crossing ohio, well I have the first block
cut. I am still working on the pick and choose quilt so this will be a leader ender for a while.
I also have a baby quilt to finish i am busy.


Bianca said...


It looks like you made a new friend. He is a bit green, but really cute. That bridge is long. I would propably be afraid crossing it.

I saw your quilt top that you gave Margaret. It is gorgeous!!!

Mags said...

So glad you are back to posting again. I looked at some of the pics on Leah's facebook. It looks like you had a GREAT time and what a wonderful friend you made. I took a pic of the top you gave me and will post it so that you can view.
So glad you are back to quilting.

ANudge said...

What a lovely place you were visiting, Ann. Where is it? Or did I miss that?