Monday, July 26, 2010

design wall monday July 26,2010

I know you are thinking that i am are
right. I am still assembleing the focus(red)
block for the NYE 09 Mystery. since I am using it as a leader ender its taking more time than I expected. Remember the pick and choose quilt?
I am finely making (that includes cutting) a scrappy sashing. I am also as I get enough made
assembleing the quilt...then I have to cut borders
this will take time too...1/2 square triangles, unless I change my mind.

lately I have been spending more time cutting
and quilting than I have been sewing.I don't know haw long that will last...but at least I am
dealing with my boxes of scraps...trying to get tem into some kind of system...I have used most of my 1.5 strips and my 2" strips in my pick and choose quilt so I have to cut more 1.5 I don't
have enough...probably would have if i hadn't cut for a courthouse step quilt at the same time.



QuiltSwissy said...

Slow or not, they are both beautiful! I really like the on on the left, no wait....the one on the right.....oh, how can I choose!

glen in Louisiana (who is g today on the list)

Vivian said...

You've got a lot going on. Looking good.

Vicki said...

I really like your blocks. I quit trying to have a system a long time ago because I was spending more time doing the system then sewing. Your quilts are going to look great.

Bianca said...

Your blocks look great!!! You are not slow, you have many projects you are making progress on. If you want to see slow, watch me sew. I have been sewing on a one day Mystery for 8 days now, and still not done. LOL That has been a very long day.

Beth said...

oh I love them both! Who told you quilting was a RACE?? Just enjoy the journey..I spent an entire day in my sewing room once..and NEVER turned on the sewing machine, the iron, or picked up the rotary cutter. I was happy as a clam!