Thursday, July 29, 2010

did this ever happen to you?

i thought I was done making center i laid the quilt out I found I was short 1 connecting
strip ... the one with the green and gold HST on the ends! I went thru the box I have the quilt in...I guess I didn't even cut it! If it got mixed
in with another quilt it will end up being a compensating strip in an odds and ends quilt.
I will recut this strip...maybe, even tonight. I
have a hard time making a quilt out of just 3 or 4
fabrics. i am definately a scrappy quilter...this quilt has spent a year and a half being a leader ender quilt, i am so glad to see the center almost done. Of coarse now I have to think of borders.

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Cheryl Willis said...

I was making a scrappy butterfly quilt once and 'lost 48 blocks' As soon as I made another set, I found the original ones. Instead of doing the quilt the way I had it drawn out I used all 96 blocks. One of my favorite quilt that I wouldn't have thought to do if I didn't over block.

Hopefully yours will turn up, looks like a fun top. cw