Monday, June 15, 2009

Whats on my design wall...June 15,2009

No last weeks quilts are not done...but I took them down to work on borders put the Jacobs ladder blocks up and will start arranging them tomarrow. about 1/2 of these were from swaps.

The double 4 patch blocks are not mine.

my 14 year old grandson cully went thru my books and decided that he wanted to learn to quilt...he has picked his own pattern and fabric from my stash. guess i will see a lot of him as he works on this. cully decided he wants a twin sized quilt!


Brenda said...

Well, I like both sets of blks!! And a twin is a good size to start with, but it he gets tired of it (which I doubt, but can happen!) it will make a great throw!!
I like the Jacobs ladder blks. Love the black background.
this is fun to see what people are working on. I could see doing this every monday!!

Bianca said...

I love it that your grandson wants to learn to quilt. What a great way to spend time together.