Wednesday, January 30, 2008

carolina crossroads in arizona!!!

yep, i am slowly gaining on my mystery quilt using it as an ender leader project.
i am almost half way thru step one. and i havent been doing that much quilting, after all, i am on vacation.

truely enjoying myself here...nice going at a slow pace and hanging out with leah.

tomarrow i am going to be going to payson to spend a few days with a good friend,
maybe i will get some quilting done there. then i head home next wenesday.

hmmmm, back to the sewing machine while leah sleeps, unless the #5 book of harry potter grabs me once again


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

first leg of trip to arizona today!!!

this afternoon i leave for columbus, spend the nite at friend frannies, then catch the plain for phoenix tomarrow at noon. i am so excited!!! my dd leah got me the ticket for my birthday!!! i will be staying in az for 2 weeks most if the time at leah's...with one weekend at my friend sue's!!!

i have my quilting projects that i am going to work on all packed and ready to go.
still have to gather some clothes and get them in the suit case too. how's that for priorities?

i don't think i will get the kids quilt done before i leave i was hoping to to have the quilting all done. ah well it will be waitng for me when i get back.

time to get packing


Sunday, January 20, 2008

2nd ufo done in 2008

i did it!!! i have my second UFO finished for this year!!! it is a chunky churn dash....adapted
from bonnie hunters pattern..i made my quilt much bigger, i love large bed sized quilts.
this one is i can take the time to finish gathering my stuff for my trip to leah's. i am going to try to get a kids quilt quilted but i don't think i will be able to get it off auntie grace before i leave on tues...we will see
well i have organizing to do

Friday, January 18, 2008


isn't this neat...i love the fact that by working on and doing the first mystery with quiltville this little button logo is available. i love bonnies quilts...and know i will love this one when its done!!! it's incentive to get my challenge tops done so that i may really work on the mystery instead of just using it as a
leader ender.

this little quilt is for my 6month old great grand all i have to do is get it packaged and mailed...i guess it will have to wait til tues morning. no mail monday. this is my first finished quilt of the year and was a ufo. i am still binding #2, and have to make a label.

getting gathered to go to az

well things are rater busy here. i am trying to get several projects cut to take with me to arizona to work on at leah's...hope to get all of step one ready to go of my mystery quilt i will be using it as a leader ender as i do other stuff. if i am on a roll i will start on step two.

as it is i am taking my black bag of hand work, aquilt for kids at church to piece and probably my sisters choice blocks to work on. well i guess i had better get my day moving

Thursday, January 17, 2008

well, i have finely figured out how to post to my blog(it only took me 2 days). i have started this
blog to keep me on track, i guess i had better learn to navigate in here.

yesterday was busy, i quilt on wednesdays for church kids. i brought one home one that needs quilted, but first i have to make the backing. not real sure what i am going to use but i will figure it out.

i have joined a quilt ufo challenge with ohio quilters, and am busy trying to keep up with it.
i listed 10 ufo's at different stages of done. the challenge runs jan 1 thru june... by then i hope to have all tops ready for quilting and backings done. also am going to try to have 6 of the quilts truely done - quilted bound and labeled. quilting is trickey, i have a grace frame and i love it!
but i cant stand too long at a time so it takes me a long time to get anything done. i also do some quilting for friends and all the church quilting for kids, i am alternating between the different quilts with the ones for kids being every other one if i have one here ready to go. infact that is what i have on the frame right now.

i couldn't resist!!! i started bonnie hunters mystery quilt carolina crossroads hmmmmmm
like i needed another project. i am doing it as a lender leader project until i get all ten of my tops pieced. then i also had to join the quiltville chat list...well not had to but wanted to. its fun working with others as we work on the quilts.

i am going to try to post, it i figure this blog stuff, out of my first ufo done in 2008